What to do and What Not to do After Unprotected Sex, Health Tips

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

These days our team was getting a lot of emails and messages from people (especially girls) asking what should they do now as they had unsafe sex last night. So, just thought of bringing up this special post for people who lost control last night and they don’t want any complications now. It’s quite common to get carried away with the flow of the night and do things that heart says. But, the worst part about this is not using proper preventive measures and indulging in unprotected sex. Those who remember; they regret, while others who ignore, they end up facing unwanted pregnancy and later on even go for abortions. But I would say why go to such an extent? There is a wise saying – “Prevention is always better than Cure” and timely prevention could help a lot in such cases without facing any consequences.


what to do after unsafe sex
what to do after unsafe sex


Without taking much of your time I’ll simply come to the point and tell you what to do and what not to do after unsafe sex.

  1. Do not Over think or Regret :

Whatever you did in the past is now done and cannot be undone by going back into the past. Over thinking and regretting would only bring you anger and may let you end up relation with your loved ones, so the best thing you can do now is avoid any such scenario and circumstances. You just have had sex, which is not a big deal. Every night thousands of unmarried couples have sex who are not ready for any consequences so it’s totally normal. Moreover, there are a hell lot of ways to get out of it without letting anybody even know of it. At least you are aware of it that you have to take preventive measures now, there are people who have sex and get to realize this after getting to know about their pregnancy. So just chill out, stay calm and keep reading further what should be your next step.


  1. Do not try to wash off or douche:

This is the most common mistake done by young immature girls. Out of anxiety and inability to think, many of the girls start to douche or wipe off the sperm out of the uterus. Trust me this is not going to happen even if you use the jet stream of water or take the wipes to the innermost of your uterus to clean it up. It won’t decrease any chances of pregnancy, but would instead increase the chances of developing infection in or around the pelvic region. So just, let it be and go to step number 3 for your answer.

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pills after unprotected sex
pills after unprotected sex
  1. If not cleaning up then what? :

There are a lot of contraceptive measures available in market that you may opt for.

  1. Copper IUD:

You might be hearing of it for the very first time, but this is really a magical thing. You may reach out to any nearby gynecologist for this. There is a minor operation done wherein a copper T is inserted into the uterus. This copper T releases copper ions into the uterus which prevents pregnancy by clogging the movement of sperm inside uterus as the copper ions are toxic for sperms. Considering the worst case scenario, even if by chance within 5 days a sperm is able to fertilize an egg, then the copper ion gets loaded over the egg and burdens it to such an extent that implantation is prevented. Thus, avoiding the fear of pregnancy. Moreover, once this is inserted, you may enjoy sex without any worry for around 10 years. So, it’s your choice. You may talk to your partner regarding this and if it suits you both then go ahead and give it a shot. Else there are more simple ways as well.

  1. Contraceptive Pills:

There are a number of emergency contraceptive pills available on pharmacist stores which are specially designed for the time after unsafe sex. These should generally be consumed within 72 hours of unsafe sex. A few of them are; Plan B is a government approved pill available in U.S. while similarly in India there is i-Pill and likewise these are generally available throughout the world. You may approach nearest pharmacist and ask for the government approved emergency pill. These are taken just once right within the 72 hours of sex.

  1. Go Natural Way:
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The emergency contraceptive pills available on pharmacist stores may have various side effects and I personally do not want to promote those; but in recent times, Pharmacy companies have done a lot of researches and have bring about many changes to make these pills safer and better.  And generally these pills give the desired result in the times most needed thus are a hit. Yet, there is always a chance of error and discovering that your contraceptive method has failed would be your biggest nightmare, so you may follow these easy natural tips at home as well. Dries figs, dried apricots and papaya are the food that would ensure you get negative pregnancy tests. Have them twice a day right from the day you had sex till 4-5 days, these wont only avoid pregnancy but also help cure excessive bleeding and several health ailments which might follow.


problem of irregular periods in women
problem of irregular periods in women
  1. Go for Tests:

Taking preventive measures is not just it. Ensuring safety has a bit longer way to go. You must go for the below tests within a few days after the unprotected sex.

  1. STD test:

There are chances where people are not well versed with their partners, so in such cases I would recommend one must go for STD tests. I personally would recommend you to go for gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, HIV, and hepatitis B and C virus within a couple of weeks of unprotected sex. Chances could be dull, but ensuring safety is the best way, when you can commit mistake why not to take best measures to cover the things up? I know nobody feels this way, but even a slight awareness at this time could help you from the big problems standing your way.

  1. Pregnancy test:

If you were expecting a date within a few days after this and has delayed for more than 7 days then I would recommend you to go for pregnancy test before it’s too late. And for those who just have had date before sex and there is a lot of time till next, they must also for pregnancy test within 7-10 days of sex.

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pregnancy test after sex
pregnancy test after sex
  1. Be prepared for next time:

Indulging in unprotected sex is really not safe for both the sexes, until or unless you are having it with your known partner and are ready for babies. So, it’s better to keep a check every time you think you might land up in a situation you won’t be able to control, so always keep a condom with you. It hardly costs anything but saves a lifetime of hard work. Or you may also check out the best ways for pregnancy/birth control. I don’t want to spoil the fun, but safety plus fun is the best combo.


Note: Team Medictips  do not supports abortion. If you find out that you are pregnant at any stage of life, never back down. Killing somebody in your womb is a bigger crime than killing somebody before your eyes.


Be Safe…!! Have Safe…!! Stay Safe…!!

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