What to Eat After Masturbation to Regain Energy Lost in Release of Sperm; Masturbation Diet

Last Updated on January 7th, 2021

Everything has its own pros and cons. It all depends on us how we use things and make them work for us. Similar is the case with masturbation. There are people who follow healthy masturbation rules and enjoy a healthy sexual life and also there are people who are recklessly masturbating with improper knowledge and are landing themselves in situation from where they are finding hard to recover.

Internet is full of data showing negative side of masturbation. But actually masturbation is not unhealthy, it’s the way we practice it that is unhealthy. If you are following proper before, during and after masturbation tips then there is nothing that may cause any sort of sexual health disorder to you. Check out the tips first (How to Masturbate and What to Do After Masturbation) or if you wish to know more about masturbation to know all about it check my complete guide on masturbation by clicking here.


What to eat after masturbation


After this, you must know that what is a healthy number of masturbation for you. It varies from person to person and from age to age. To some, once everyday may also suit and for others even once a week could also create problem. So first checkout your healthy number of masturbation (Click here to check your healthy number). Now, understand and try n keep a check on your number and control yourself. You may use my tips to control masturbation as well and if you have overdone this act of joy and want to recover from you situation, just follow these tips (Stop/Control Masturbation & Recover)

Now, apart from all this info, there is one thing that I have still not mentioned. A proper diet plan for those who masturbate regularly and what should one eat after masturbating to stay healthy and young. As you all know the sperm released during masturbation is nothing but accumulation of protein and various essential nutrients that are stored in the body to be used in the times of need. But, as we masturbate, a good amount of such nutrients are released from the body that may lead to scarcity of several nutrients in our body. Below are the most recommended food items that you must eat after masturbation and involve in your regular diet plan if you are a regular player.


Healthy Masturbation Tips
Healthy Masturbation Tips


Before we start a point to note here is; one must consume below mentioned food items within 2 hours of masturbation. Because it is found that our body somehow recovers the loss immediately, but if supplied within two hours, a void of deficiency is not even created, that ensures a continuous & optimum energy and stamina.


  1. Pomegranate:

Big the name, bigger are the benefits of pomegranate on overall health, specially your sexual health. Pomegranate has all the exotic nutrients which are essential for sperm production, thus it is a must and first in the list to be included in diet. And if you have just had masturbated, have a glass of pomegranate juice or eat a pomegranate; this will help regain all the strength and stamina that you might have lost with the release of sperm. Along with that, it has a number of vitamins and minerals which take care of any sort of deficiency throughout body. Plus, it is also known to improve your Soldier’s health by maintaining a good and healthy flow of blood to it, so that all the nutrients are supplied to it in appropriate proportion with blood. This also helps in recovering from any other sexual health disorder if you are suffering and are unaware of.

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  1. Nuts:

If possible do include some nuts like walnut and almond to your diet. These nuts are usually meant to be eaten in winters. But, you may take 3-4 almonds and 3-4 walnuts and keep them in water overnight and eat them as first thing in the morning in summers as well. Soaking them in water overnight reduces the heat in them and changes their nature to cold keeping all their nutrients and benefits as it is. Actually these nuts have essential amino acids which cannot be found in any other fruit or vegetables and are very good for your Soldier’s health. They ensure quality proteins and nutrients are supplied to the body, which in turn are used by sexual organs health and improvement. If you want to have them after masturbation, you may prepare a cool walnut or almonds shake and consume it. There is no match to this diet after masturbation to regain strength. These nuts can even help you fight dizziness or any sort of weakness that you may feel after masturbation.


Benefits of walnut for Men's Sexual Drive
Benefits of walnut after masturbation


  1. Milk:

Milk is an all rounder for health. It has been said that, if you have any sort of deficiency in body, start taking milk and within few days all the deficiencies would be replenished. And this is so true in this case as well. Milk being rich in calcium and multiple proteins and vitamins is actually a powerhouse of nutrients. Drinking a glass of cold milk ensures that body is self sufficient in all sorts of nutrients. If there would be ample amount of nutrients in body, then even masturbation would not affect the nutrient house as much. Still if you just have had a round of masturbation, then do consume a glass of cold milk, alternatively if you don’t like plain milk you may consume it in the form of banana shake, strawberry shake, or chocolate shake. And if you are someone who masturbates often, then make sure you are consuming two glass of milk (500ml) per day. It will never let you feel weak for energy less.

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  1. Beetroot:

This magical veggie has got the best nutrients in it which may replenish the nutrients and energy lost and makes your beast healthier like never before. Beetroot – better known as power veggie has potent nutrients which are of high quality. It is also known to stimulate the production of blood inside body and improve circulation throughout the body. This blood produced is capable of storing more nutrients and supply it to each and every part of body, including the sexual organs. Thus, a good amount of nutrients are available, and when masturbated, these nutrients are replenished by blood circulation which is at par better levels. Not just it helps blood circulations, it also has vitamins in it which ensures the production of quality sperm and also helps fight any sort of disorder in sexual organs. After masturbating, you may consume a glass of beetroot juice or have a plate of beetroot salad. And on regular basis try and include beetroot in your daily diet either by adding it in salad or just consuming one glass of juice every day.


Milk for Body Builders
Diet for those who masturbate regularly


  1. Saffron:

Saffron has been known to rejuvenate sexual health since ages. It has been found that saffron could even cure the toughest sexual problems be it in males or females. It is the best quality herb that can even outperform Viagra to stimulate Soldier’s health. If taken in appropriate quantities it could also cure impotence in males by triggering quality sperm production, replenishing the nutrients and maintaining the blood capturing capacity. This could be a game changer for most of the people who have found weakness after masturbation and are not able to take proper balanced diet. After masturbation, add a few strands of saffron in cold milk and drink. It would rejuvenate you in minutes and you can feel the power and energy yourself. On regular basis consume it with milk (hot milk in winters and cold milk in summers) twice daily. If you are taking twice daily 4-5 strands are enough and if you are taking once daily take 7-8 strands.


These 5 are the major food items that can ensure a healthy recovery of health and help you regain the energy lost with the release of sperm. And on the same hand if included in regular diet, these food items will ensure a healthy sexual life to you, busting all the myths you might have ever heard.

And if you think you have overdone this act of enjoyment and are facing several health issues, then you should start the intake of Ashwagandha & Shilajit herbs, as they would rejuvenate your body from all sort of shortcoming and will get you the same energy back. But, the thing to remember here is that you need to have these in natural form. Here is a link to order these products in best natural form – Ashwagandha and Shilajit.

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Apart from above mentioned food items some others that you could also add (if you wish) are – Watermelon, Orange, Sweet lime, Dates & Strawberry. The reason why I haven’t mentioned these items above is that these are all seasonal and are not available 365 days of the year. If any of these items is available, then do include these as well in your diet. And along with these items do make sure that you are drinking ample amount of water (2Ltr) a day.


Dates for sexual health of men
sexual health of men after masturbation


But before we end, here is a word of caution, in addition to what we should eat; here are a few food items that experts recommend you to avoid after masturbation. Avoid any sort of non veg, be it chicken, mutton, fish and even eggs. This is because masturbation produces heat in the body, and these items again being hot in nature, adds to the body’s heat, thus it may cause several health issues ranging from pimples, acne to stomach ache and kidney disorders. Moreover these items are really complex and hard to digest, which again in such times become difficult.


So, what are you waiting for?

Go and grab one of the food item mentioned above now & do not forget to share these secrets with your friends   😉 


If you have any queries related to masturbation or if there is something that I have not been able to explain in the article above, kindly write down in the comments section below, I will personally reply to you or would email you with answers.


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