Why Is Acupuncture Not Scary?

Acupuncture has been used as a traditional treatment for most illnesses in the past years. It can benefit both physical and mental health according to science. As it presses needles into the skin, people thought it was extremely painful but could help a lot. 

Many medical experts have studied the effects of acupuncture on the human body and the result is wonderful. It works by stimulating the nerves through the skin surface to influence the other parts of the body. This must be performed by a licensed acupuncturist not to cause discomfort and greater injury. The method can help to modulate pain. It also aids the immune system and promotes better blood circulation. 

The big question is, can acupuncture be a remedy for every sickness? Read on to this post to understand how it works.



History of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a result of Chinese philosophy more than science and medicine. There is so-called “qi” in the human body which is assumed as life-giving energy. If such a factor is in a good condition, it will reflect on the physical and mental health of a person. While deficiency of it may result in illnesses and stress. This mirrors the connection of the mind and body in responding to possible changes. Hence, acupuncture helps to balance out everything to relieve you from anxiousness when things do not line up. 


acupuncture technique
acupuncture technique

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Understanding how acupuncture works can be crucial with all the factors you should consider. The sure thing is, it can profit your mind and body in several ways. However, acupuncture is not a cure-all type of treatment and is still understudied. The method does not guarantee healing cancer and other serious illnesses that would require more substantial actions. It also has short evidence to cure obesity, diabetes, schizophrenia, and insomnia.

To begin with, talk to your doctor if acupuncture applies to your specific condition. Always remember that this procedure is never an alternative to medical treatment and not as an absolute cure for all illnesses. Instead, acupuncture serves to ease symptoms and not eliminate them.  

Second, you need to find a licensed acupuncturist. This person has been equipped for four years to do the procedure safely. You can search the names of certified acupuncturists near your location online to get started. 

Perhaps you have a tight budget for an acupuncture procedure. Its cost may range up to a hundred dollars per session, depending on the location and added services, like insurance. 

The acupuncturist will ask your expectations beforehand to formulate the treatment that you need. It may last for several weeks and you can communicate any discomfort your body feels to the practitioner. This will let you know if seeking a doctor’s help would be a good option. Some side effects of acupuncture that demand medical attention are nausea and loss of vision. 


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The Benefits of Acupuncture Treatment 

acupuncture pins
acupuncture pins

If acupuncture works well on a person, there will be overflowing benefits on its mind and body. It differs on each individual how acupuncture works, like its side effects and the changes to encounter along the process. 

Acupuncture can make some people feel good after a session. It includes a better sleeping and eating pattern because of a more balanced emotion. They feel energized, while other patients experience the downsides of acupuncture. It is not suitable for patients with allergies as it will cause headaches, fatigue, and dizziness. Complications may occur when the patient is pregnant, has bleeding disorders, and has heart issues. 

Acupuncture can additionally ease chronic pain by finding the pressure points to restore nerve damage. This is crucial because there is science behind every pressure point that only experts can uncover. Symptoms of pain will be reduced and it improves the overall wellbeing of the patient. 


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Best Alternative If There Are No Acupuncturists Around

Now that you learned how safe acupuncture treatment is, consulting a professional is the next step. But, what if you cannot find an acupuncturist near you? Is it possible to do the procedure by yourself?

The answer is absolutely no. Performing acupuncture on your own will put your life at risk. However, there are alternatives that you can do, like meditation, yoga, and self-massage to improve your qi’s balance. Such practices will deliver the same benefits as acupuncture and it can be done at home.  

The very first step is to research thoroughly where the acupressure points on your body are located. It is better to seek help from experts so as not to worsen your condition. 

For instance, women often experience menstrual cramps which cause abdominal and back pain. Locate the pressure points on the hollow of the inner ankle using your thumb and gently massage the area. This will help to ease the pain after a while. 

Having insomnia can impact your physical and mental health. Place your index finger in between your eyebrows and then rub in circles to give yourself a good rest. 

And a lot more alternatives. 

acupuncture therapy
acupuncture therapy


Visiting the best acupuncture clinic in Perth is a good step to relieve yourself from pain and stress. It is made up of TCM practitioners with over 30 years of experience in acupuncture treatment. The procedures will help patients manage their symptoms the easiest way. It is a holistic remedy to restore the balance of your mind and body and to improve your daily living. Experts will pierce thin needles into the skin to treat qi’s disharmony, which results in a lot of benefits. Contact an acupuncturist today and make an appointment to know the charges of treatment that suit your needs. 

Dr. Amanda

Dr. Amanda

Amanda is a certified nutritionist and fitness yoga trainer, and writer in the areas of health, fitness and nutrition.
Dr. Amanda
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