Why you Should Listen to Songs while doing Gym Time – Workout Tips

Music has always been the best pain reliever, it was used in the olden days to relieve pain and over time it has become an entertainment factor as well.

There are 2 parts to us, one which helps us work as a multi-tasker, another part which acts as a catalyst to the multi-tasker. As good as we are when it comes to focussing on a particular activity, we still have another part of our brain that can use music to soothe, motivate or charge us simultaneously.


music helps in workout at gym fitness mantra
music helps in workout at gym fitness mantra

So when we are working on a complex task and know that we may get tensed, angry, bored or sad, we can always go back to listening to music which helps us stay focused and helps us pass through any of the above emotions mentioned.


Exercise is a challenge, a pursuance to make ourselves fit and active. This requires a lot of commitment, endurance, and tolerance. When we are working out at a Gym, there are a lot of stressful, negative thoughts that may run through our mind. A lot of times we may give in to those thoughts and may end up not coming back to work out the next day.


The benefits of Music during the workout are:


  1. Pain reliever – Helps us distract ourselves from the pain, as it was an ancient therapy and still holds good for the same. We can divert our minds from the pain and go through with ease, all thanks to the music. And hence the fact that “No Pain, No Gain” can be followed to self-betterment. And this works miracles while working out.

 Fact :- Listening to Music during workout or exercising can increase your endurance by 15%.

  1. Negativity buster – While working out, the lazy side of us counter argues against all the exercises, just to get us to go back to our bed, cozy chair or video games. When the idea of comfort hits us while working out, the motivation goes numb and hence we fall into the trap of our lazy side. Music helps us stay focused; it avoids the distracting thoughts. If the right motivational music is played, then it can help charging up during a workout.


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workout gym with music helps building body
workout gym with music helps building body


  1. Beat Workout – Music also helps as a motivation during the workout, if the beats match the workout or if we use the right beats for the workout, it helps us to go on with the repetitions of an exercise with ease. It combines exercise (which is work as per our brain) and dance (which always relates to fun) making it a fun – exercise. We dance to relax and exercise to stay fit and thus combining it for a greater good.


  1. Activates the energy cells – Music gets us up and dancing even if we are gloomy, sad, lazy etc. stating that when we listen to our favourite upbeat music, no matter what our mood is, it lightens up, relaxes us and thus relaxing and flexing our muscles, which plays a vital role while exercising. Music activates the energy cells in the body helping us get ready for a workout by internal warm-up.


  1. Provides Inspiration – Music has inspired a lot of people in the past to work through a problem. It has raised them from their surface and helped face any challenge as just another task. A task or a workout which looks or sounds tough while looking at the instructor or listening to them becomes easier or do-able when we start that workout with the right music.


listening to music while exercising workout tips
listening to music while exercising workout tips
  1. Increases Brain capacity – Our body has strength more than we can ever imagine, all our muscle tissues are combined to sustain and impart a force larger than we can imagine, and it is only shown when put to test. That is the power of our unexplored brain, music helps access some of the power from our untapped brain, making even what seems impossible at that time an easy task while looking back. That is how people transform from where they were to what they have become.


Music has a reputation for being the solution to most of the problem, it has been used from ages for a lot of purposes. May it be getting through boredom, help someone in pain, help someone lighten a mood, help people party, help as a motivation, help in internal healing, as a meditation routine, as a calming agent, as a spiritual catalyst etc.


So let’s get the right music up and put on our gym attire, for we are going to transform.


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