Work From Home : 10 Ways to Make it Effective

Last Updated on September 21st, 2022

As per government advisory, more and more companies are implementing work from home policy and we have no other option but to work with so many distractions around us. We are used to work from our cubicles/offices, sitting at our desk and working in peace. Well here are few tips which might help you in working effectively from your home in these unavoidable circumstances:

  1. Make a Proper Schedule

Plan your work and set deadlines of the day for yourself. Ensure you allocate sufficient working hours to complete daily tasks. Try including tea/coffee breaks which you have on any other office day. One thing which will help you is working more during early hours and scheduling all the meeting/class in the evening. We have better productivity and concentration in the morning.


  1. Designated Work Area

Firstly, you will need to look at earthlink internet plans as well as other internet plans and providers in your area, and ensure that you have a good enough internet connection to work successfully from home. Then, you can begin to create your own office at home. Choose one area/room of your house where you will work. Best if you can set up a chair and table kind of thing, but if not, avoid sitting on a bean bag, that’s too comfortable!

Use that area only for working and let everyone in your home know about this. So that when you are there, all the members of your family are aware of the fact that you are doing your job and not to disturb you. Keep that area clean and organized, just like you keep your desk at office.

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  1. Prioritize your Work

While working from home, do not postpone your work like you do with your household chores. “I will do it in few hours or in the evening”. Believe me that time of the day will never come, and you will end up not meeting your deadline making your work will suffer. So better go with what you planned and finish what you started and decided to complete that day. Unless you have something very important that need your attention, do not leave your seat and stick to the plan.


  1. Get Dressed

formals - work from home
formals – work from home

This is the most important thing to be kept in mind. We feel so comfortable in our Pajamas that we never get out of those. Due to this extra comfort at home, we are not able to do our work with full energy and concentration. We feel lazy and fall asleep while working most of the times.

So, make sure you bath and get dressed just like you do for office. If possible, avoid wearing sleepers and if not shoes at least wear floaters. In short, avoid anything that can make you ignore your work and relax instead.


  1. Avoid Socializing

Leave your phone aside while you are working. I understand any important call/message can come but stay away from social media. Now that you have the flexibility of working hours, don’t make plans with your friends to go out and chill. One, work from home is implemented so that you can stay away from everybody else and hence stay safe. And two, you are expected to “WORK FROM HOME”. Use this time productively and efficiently.


  1. Eat Healthy

eating healthy - work from home
eating healthy – work from home

We all know how much we eat during holidays/weekends. Now weekends are to relax your body and mind, you can afford sleeping whole day after having a heavy/oily/junk meal. But when you have to work from home, try healthier options – like fruits, juices, sprouts etc. for snacks and your regular meal which you have on a regular office day. 

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Avoid too much caffeine and have 2 litres of water minimum during working hours. Stay away from junk food due to time constraints or work load. Eat your complete diet without alterations. Make sure you have some snacks during evening because these work from home meetings can make you lazy and weak if proper diet is not taken.


  1. Stay in Touch, Connect with Colleagues

While you have the privilege of not seeing your boss during these days, you should try to stay in touch with your colleagues. Contact them few times a week over phone or message. Or make your work-related meeting a video meeting. Share the things which are the most important both personal and professional. Help and encourage each other to work on new things which you must have thought of but never got time.


  1. Listen to your Favorite Music

listening music - work from home
listening music – work from home

Put your headphones on and play the music which inspire you or keep you focused. It will take your mind of all the other things happening at your home and provide you an office like silent environment. Personally, I believe music can help you concentrating on your work especially when you are working on something like writing a new code or a script etc.


  1. Exercise

yoga - work from home
yoga – work from home

Since now you don’t have to go anywhere outside your house, your physical exercise is almost zero. So, try working out for minimum 30 minutes per day. Take inhouse walks in between your working hours and stretch your body. Try doing some Yoga in open Space if you have enough space in your balcony or have an open terrace.

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Some regular stretching or even the work table chair stretching will help your body to stay flexible and fit. Try adding some meditation in the morning to help calm your nerves and start the day with a great feeling of self satisfaction.

Read our article to learn about exercises at home.


  1. Take your Time Off

Work from home does not mean you have to compromise with your health and work even if you are not feeling well. In the terrible situation which we are in, companies are even allowing leaves if you need to take care of someone in your family.


Let us know if these tips helped you in working from home or not. Also, tell us if you have any other tips for us.

Thank you!

Dr. Amanda
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