Workout for Muscle Building and Weight Gain Workout

Workouts are of many types. There are heavy weight workout, cardio workout, stretching workout, body weight workout, strength workout, resistance workout etc. Which workout is necessary to gain weight and build muscles? Heavy weight workout is required if you are looking to gain some weight and build solid muscles. Now you must be wondering how to do this workout for muscle building and what all things you should know to start with. To ease your task we have compiled a small list of questions and answers related to the weight gain workout. Let’s learn more about workout and diet routine for weight gain.


heavy weight workout
heavy weight workout

Should You Eat Anything Before Workout?

Yes. It is really necessary to have something before workout. Workout requires a lot of energy and when you are planning to gain weight then eating before workout becomes much more important. 


What Should You Have Before a Workout?

There are many options for a pre workout diet.

You can have 2 or 3 bananas (raw). Shakes are also good options. You can have different types of shakes like avocado or sapota shake. There are many other things as well. Like you can have sweet potato (boiled) with curd, sprouts, porridge before workout.

Include some boiled eggs or egg sandwich in the diet.


post workout diet plan
post workout diet plan

How Long Before Workout Should you have a Meal?

->Take bananas and sprouts before a workout. Have it 30 min before workout so that the body has enough time to digest it.


What Should You do Post Workout?

workout protein diet plan
workout protein diet plan

Have a good hot water bath or steam bath post workout. 

Then go for some healthy protein rich diet. You can have banana shake, sapota shake, avocado shake post workout. 

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Many workout trainers also have protein powder post workout that helps them get a good amount of protein easily. These protein powders or mass gainers contain easy to digest protein that helps in quick recovery of muscles. They should only be taken with proper guidance and only when you are doing a heavy workout. Avoid having these if you are not doing workout.

Take good rest. Do not go to sleep immediately after having your meal. It is not good for your body. Your body won’t be able to digest the food properly if you go to bed after a meal. Take a 2 hour gap between your meal and rest.


weight gain workout tips
weight gain workout tips

What Should You Eat Post Workout?

-> Take a protein rich diet plan post workout. You can include porridge, raw paneer and protein bars in your diet. Have a big glass of protein shake or some natural smoothie. Banana shake, avocado shake are good options for protein and fat.

-> Whey protein powder is a very common choice among many workout mens. It is because they are a good source of protein and the body can absorb whey protein much faster than solid foods.  

-> You can also have 3 or 4 boiled eggs and some egg sandwich.

Eggs are a good source of protein and required fats. If you are a pure vegetarian and do not want to have eggs, you can have peanut butter sandwiches instead of eggs.

-> Cottage cheese, cheese sandwiches are good options as well.

-> scrambled eggs can also be included in your diet post workout.

-> Have whole grain bread or brown bread and full cream milk.


weight gain workout routine
weight gain workout routine

After How Long Should you Eat Post Workout?

Take a 15 to 20 min of break after workout and then eat something.


What Workout Should You Do to Gain Muscles and Weight?

->Do heavy weight workout. Body weight workout, strength workout, both are good for weight gain and muscle building. Just remember to keep increasing the machine or dumbbell weight while doing workout. Doing heavy workout helps break muscles and thus gives your body a chance to form more muscles and heavy muscles.

->HIIT (Heavy Intensity Interval Training) is another form of heavy workout regime that helps in building stamina and muscles.

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->Do not overdo cardio workout. They are mostly for weight loss workout regime. Cardio is just for warm up in weight gain workout routine.

->Start with basic workouts that help building stamina like pushups, pull-ups, chin ups, Squats.

workout for muscle building
workout for muscle building


Should you have Heavy Meals or Frequent Meals with Weight Gain Workout?

Have small meals but frequently. Do not overeat just to gain more weight. That won’t help you much. Overeating is not good if you want to gain weight and muscles.


What Should you Avoid while Following Workout Routine?

-> Do not do masturbation, sex or any physical activity that leads to loss of stamina and energy. Usually these are the common reasons for “No Result” even after a workout. So if you are rigid to get some results, stop masturbation

-> Avoid eating oily foods and anything that is sour in taste like tamarind. It is not good for weight gain. There are some foods that are good for weight loss like papaya, orange, pineapple which should be avoided.

-> Do not go for a bath immediately after workout. Take a 5 to 10 min rest and let your body come to room temperature.

workout muscle building
workout muscle building

What Key Things to Remember while Following Workout Routine?

-> Have sufficient water during the day to keep your body hydrated. With workout, having regular water is really important for the body. It helps in proper digestion of food and keeps your body healthy.

-> Give proper rest to the body. Do not oversleep when following workout routine. Body gets tired with 1 hour of heavy workout, so you should make sure that you are giving proper rest to the body. 8 to 9 hours of good sleep is sufficient for the body to regain energy. 

-> Have more buttermilk, curd and milk. It helps keep your body cool. Protein rich diets are usually hot for the body. So you need something to cool it down. So try to have more buttermilk or curd.

-> Always take a bath post workout. Workout results in lots of sweating which needs to be washed away. Also having a bath post workout relaxes your muscles and helps you recover faster.

-> Always follow your diet plan strictly. Your diet is the most important part of your target goals i.e to gain weight and muscles. Workout is the 40% of the job done and diet is the remaining 60% that needs to be done.

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workout motivation weight gain
workout motivation weight gain

What Should You keep in Mind While Doing Heavy Workouts?

->Remember to do the heavy workouts in the presence of a trainer to help you lift it when required.

-> Do not overexert yourself physically. It can cause serious muscle pains or strains. Keep taking breaks in between but short breaks only.

-> Follow the steps of your trainer properly. Any wrong posture or position while doing workout can result in severe body issues.



With this we end up the session of question-answer for the weight gain workout regime.

We hope these questions answer your queries and help you in your weight gain workout routine. If you feel something is missing here or if you have some questions that you need to ask, you can share them in the comment section below. We will surely answer those questions and help you achieve your fitness goals.


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