5 Yoga Poses for Irregular Periods, Menstrual Cycle Problems

Do you have irregular periods or menstrual cycle problems? 

Irregular periods problem is a common issue among women. The menstrual cycle lasts for 28 days, and it can range between 21 and 38 days. If a woman is suffering from irregular menstruation, she would not get a period for more than 35 days and has experienced spotting within 21 days of the previous menstrual date. 

The period cycle is frustrating for most women with mood swings, cramps, and bloat. 

A menstrual phase is considered as irregular when the length of the cycle keeps changing, and the gap between periods frequently, infrequently, or unpredictably happens. 

deal with periods problems, menstrual cycle
deal with periods problems, menstrual cycle

Why do Irregular Periods Happen?

There are multiple reasons for having irregular periods. Here are some common causes:

  1. Early Pregnancy: Check out pregnancy tests and consult a doctor to find outer solutions for the irregular menstrual cycle. 
  2. Hormonal Imbalance: Lack of imbalance in certain body parts causes irregular menstrual cycle. 
  3. Weight loss: Change in weight may affect the menstrual cycle, so losing weight can regulate the periods. 
  4. Sleep disorder: Sleep disorder may cause an irregular menstrual cycle.    
  5. Chronic stress, certain medications, and eating disorders lead to irregular cycles. 
  6. Women suffering from thyroid, uterine fibroid also face this issue. 


Different causes are behind the irregular periods’ problem. So, these issues are common for women, but they have to find clear and answerable solutions to overcome them. Although irregular periods problem are having familiar complications among ladies, and they need to tackle it with effective Yoga postures. 


maintain genital hygiene, periods pain
maintain genital hygiene, periods pain

Well, Yoga has worked as an effective treatment for menstrual problems. Women can get relief from severe pain during that phase. Yoga offers emotional support to females when they undergo depression and anxiety due to menstrual pain.

Practicing Yoga helps to regulate your menstrual cycle and improves the quality of life. Women suffering from dysmenorrhea face discomfort during their menstrual cycle. Every month, it’s difficult for women to deal with the unbearable period cramps and handle irregular periods with excruciating pain. Kick-start with some effective asanas to improve the function of reproductive organs and naturally manage irregular periods problem. 


Let’s get Started with some Yoga :- A Solution for Irregular Periods:


  1. Dhanurasana:

Dhanurasana is popularly known as Bow pose, and it is the most influential Yoga postures for stimulating and enhancing your reproductive system. It is the best asana for curing irregular periods, PCOS and invigorating the internal organs.

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While performing this Yoga, the shape of the body looks like an archer’s bow. This asana has been named after that shape. You have to bend back into the form of a bow to feel active and ready to accomplish the objectives.  

Bow pose or Dhanurasana
Bow pose or Dhanurasana

Steps to perform Dhanurasana:

i) First, lie on your stomach with the help of your belly. Keep your arms at the side of the body. 

ii) While exhaling, take your hands at the backside and bend the knees, then take the hands back to hold your ankles. 

iii) You have to inhale and lift your chest off the ground. Don’t miss to pull the legs up and back. 

iv) Keep your face ahead with a smile. 

v) Maintain the position while inhaling and exhaling. 

vi) Find your body in a stable position while paying attention to the breathing process. 

vii) Take a long breath and relax at this posture. Don’t overstress your body, and bend as much as possible. 

viii) Bring your chest and leg to the floor after 20 seconds and relax your ankles. 

This Yoga posture is beneficial for strengthening the spinal cord, resolving the problem of constipation, stomach disorder, and reduces tummy fatness.    


2) Ustrasana:

This asana is popularly known as Camel pose, and you have to bump up the energy to bend back and form a posture of a camel. This Yoga posture would add flexibility and strength to your body to improve digestion. 

camel pose or Ustrasana yoga pose
camel pose or Ustrasana yoga pose

Steps to perform Ustrasana:

i) You have to place your hands on the Yoga mat and kneel with the thighs perpendicular to the floor.  

ii) Place the knees and feet hips in the same line with the shoulders. Keep the sole of the feet towards the ceiling. 

iii) While inhaling you have to bring the tailbone towards the pubis. Pull it from your navel. 

iv) Then, create an arch form with your back, and don’t forget to slide your palms over the feet. 

v)   Try to keep your neck in a neutral position. 

vi) Break out and come back to the initial position. Straight up and bring your hands back to the normal position. 

This Yoga helps to improve your digestive system and relieves the body from lower back pain.

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3) Bhujangasana:

This asana is famous as the Cobra pose where you have to recline towards the back. In this Yoga posture, your body will take the form of Sun Salutation and Padma Sadhana.

You have to open your heart and roll the shoulders down to encourage flexibility in your body. Perform this asana in an empty stomach and form the posture of a cobra. This Yoga needs a lot of bending and twisting your body. 

cobra pose or Bhujangasana
cobra pose or Bhujangasana

Steps to perform Bhujangasana: 

i) Lie on the ground, stretch your legs back, and rest the forehead on the floor. 

ii) Don’t forget to place the hands on the side of the body and place your legs close together with feet and heels touching each other. 

iii) Place your elbows parallel and put your hands under the shoulder.

iv) While inhaling, lift your head, chest, and abdomen. Simultaneously, place your navel on the floor. 

v) Try to pull your torso back and off the floor with the help of your hands. Put equal pressure on both palms.

vi) Keep inhaling and exhaling till you curve your spinal cord to strengthen your arms. Ensure to tilt your head back, lift your face, and relax your shoulders. 

vii) Place your legs close to each other and keep smiling while breathing. 

viii) Never overstrain yourself with excessive exercises on a single day. 

ix) While exhaling, bring your abdomen, chest, and head back on your floor.  

This Yoga posture tones your abdomen and strengthens the entire back and shoulders. 


4) Malasana:

This asana is commonly known as Garland pose. In this Yoga posture, you can stretch the ankles, groins, and back. 

malasana to boost fertility
malasana to boost fertility

Steps to perform Malasana:  

i) While lowering your butt towards the floor, you have to bend your knees and begin squatting. 

ii) Place the feet near each other with the support of your heels. 

iii) Keep your thighs slightly wider than your torso. 

iv) Lean forward while exhaling out to fit your torso in between the thighs. 

v) Now, join your palms to perform Anjali mudra, and put pressure on the elbows against your inner thighs. Practicing this asana would extend the front part of your torso. 

vi) Now, you have to press the inner thighs against the side of your torso. Don’t forget to stretch the arms out, swing them to fit your shins. 

vii) Ensure to hold the gesture for a few seconds and breathe in to repeat the whole asana.   

This Yoga posture activates the digestive system, reducing fatness from your belly, and augmenting the flexibility in your lower body parts. 

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5) Baddha Konasana:

This Yoga posture is popularly known as Butterfly pose. In this Yoga posture, you have to perform up and down movements to join the open hips by your feet.

baddha konasana pose or butterfly pose
baddha konasana pose or butterfly pose

Steps to perform Baddha Konasana:

i) First, you need to stretch your legs out to sit in an erect position. While exhaling, bend your knees to draw the heels towards the pelvis.

ii)   Put pressure on the soles of your feet to drop the knees at the sides. 

iii) After bringing heels close to your pelvis, hold the thumb of your feet with the finger thumb.

iv) You have to press the ground with the outer edge of your feet. 

v) Ensure to place the pubis and tailbone at an equal distance from the ground. Take the length of the torso through the top of the sternum and press the shoulder blades at the back. 

vi) Don’t force the knees on the floor, and lower the head of the thigh-bones towards the ground to bring the knees down.  

vii) Make sure to hold this posture for a few minutes. While breathing in, you have to lift your knees to extend your legs. 



Yoga is an effective method to cure irregular periods and practice different postures of asana regularly is safe for irregular menstrual cycle. Consult a doctor for severe pain and perform Yoga frequently to alleviate the cramps.  

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