What Is It Like To Be A Yoga Teacher Or Yoga Instructor In India?

Last Updated on November 15th, 2022

Yoga, an ancient science and art form is a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual practice. It has been part of the Indian tradition for over 5000 years. The practice of yoga has changed many people’s lives. A Yoga Teacher or Yoga Instructor shares his knowledge and wisdom of this art form with his disciples. They then carry forward the yoga knowledge to next generations.


The growing popularity of this art form or science is making everyone want to learn. Along with reaping the benefits they also want to impart what they learned to others. Yoga is also a way to interact and reconnect with nature. Meditation and Yoga revives the bond between the human body, mind, and Mother Earth.


yoga for inner peace
yoga for inner peace

In recent days Yoga, Teacher training in India has gained a lot of popularity. After living a life of a yogi, people have given up on their selfish ways. They now don’t just want to learn but also want to inculcate the practice of yoga to younger generations.


The one’s who have already completed the yoga teacher training in India have shared their experience, that teaching yoga to another person, learning in the process, and also see your student reap the benefits of yoga is the most exhilarating experience.


The yoga courses offered in the city areas have a modernized approach to it and the essence of yoga is lost in the process. Yoga has to be learned in its pristine form, free from unwarranted concoctions to be completely benefitted by this ancient art form.


Why Become a Yoga Instructor?

Practicing yoga on an everyday basis has transformed many people’s lives. By becoming a yoga instructor, you get to be the one bringing about that transformation in your students. Many who have experienced this, have felt fulfilled, and have attained enlightenment in their lives.

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In the process of teaching, you also grow as a person and teaching yourself a few things about being your best version. The job of a yoga instructor is a huge responsibility. That is why is important to choose the right school to do yoga teacher training in India.

Additionally, with the unemployment rate still high in India, becoming a yoga instructor can be a good profession as the demand for yoga is only growing by the day.

yoga art of breathing
yoga art of breathing

Yoga Teacher Training for Self-Help

You might have been an amateur when you started as a yoga student and then learned yoga under the guidance of someone else. When you complete the teacher training course, you have the knowledge of anatomy and how to adjust the alignments of your body and control your breathing.

This not only helps in avoiding injuries but also develop some life skills such as communication skills, speaking in a group, leadership skills, etc.

Yoga is great art form that can help you deal with many health related issues and physical problems. Yoga can be used to help you get rid of problems like insomnia, diabetes, irregular periods problems and Depression also.

There are many Yoga asanas and Yoga Mudras that help you deal with common problems like Hair fall issues, gastric and constipation, Back pain and even neck shoulder pain.

yoga guide with yoga instructor
yoga guide with yoga instructor

Regular Yoga practices helps in weight loss and weight gain as well. You can learn which yoga asana is beneficial for losing extra belly fat. There are different types of yoga poses that can help you to increase height also. Not only this, Yoga is good for skin and brain as well. It helps you get glowing skin and sharp focused brain. There is another type of yoga, called the Power yoga.

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You can learn all about yoga and mudras here on medictips. Just go to the yoga section or tab and find what you want to. We have detailed explanation of all the poses and yoga for different health problems on medictips. You will also find natural remedies to cure these problems.


How to Become a Yoga Teacher in India?

To become a yoga instructor in India one needs to earn the “Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certification”. The Yoga Alliance from the USA has designed this course. Only a few institutions across India offer yoga teacher training in India. After the successful completion of the course, prospective students are awarded this certification.

Yoga teacher training in India has gained a lot of recognition around the world. Though the yoga teacher training program is structured by a USA based organization, people still come to India to master the art and have the first-hand experience. The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual transformation journey that they undergo in the process of uniting the body, mind, and soul tells a lot about the rich heritage of the ancient art form.

yoga and meditation for knee pain
yoga and meditation for knee pain

The holistic approach taken by the gurus teaches their students how to maintain balance and live in harmony with nature. The learning environment is not just restricted to the mat but extends beyond that to learn a wide range of topics like music, philosophy, human anatomy, Ayurveda, self-awareness exercises, etc.

As a part of the experiential learning approach, some yoga institutions also indulge their students in mountain hikes. It involves them internalizing the teachings and creating inner harmony. A yoga teacher training course is for someone who is truly looking to change their lives and not for those who are looking for just asana practice or yoga holiday.

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Concluding Thoughts

Choosing the right school to train as a teacher is the most important step. Not only it determines your professional growth but the lives of many potential students are in your hands. Soon after you are done being a student, the individuals you train should also reap the benefits of yoga and you should be able to help them in their transformation journey.

Before you start your yoga studio, first learn the practice of yoga and transform like a butterfly, into the teacher you always wanted to be. The RYT certification will prepare you towards your final step in a more extensive manner.

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