Yoni Mudra : How To Do It And Health Benefits

The positive effects that happen on the body when one regularly practices yoga are not unknown to any. The benefits of practicing yoga every day are vast. Yoga is also a form of meditation that helps to connect the mind with the body and establish a healthy relationship between them. There is various yoga mudra that caters to protect different parts of the body from various ailments. One such mudra is the Yoni Mudra. 

This mudra stands out of the other mudras since it helps to represent femininity and the power of Goddess Shakti. Hence, for anyone who wants to take a pause from ten regularity of the world and concentrate on themselves, this mudra is apt for them.

Below are the detailed steps to perform this mudra for health and also the benefits of performing this mudra. Read on to know more. 

yoni mudra in sukhasana
yoni mudra in sukhasana

What is Yoni Mudra?

The term Yoni in Yoni Mudra refers to the vulva or womb of a woman. The Yoni mudra is said to have spiritual values attached to it. Performing this mudra for health regularly helps one attain the same kind of peace of the mind as on gets they are inside of their mother’s womb.

The mudra helps to represent the feminine power or Shakti.

Hence, it is one of the best mudras to perform for everyone who wants to take a break and run away from the hustle and bustle of the world for at least once a while every day. It also helps a person to get the strength of the Goddess Shakti. Along with that, it also helps to create a perfect balance of all the elements of the body.

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How to do Yoni Mudra?

The steps to perform the Yoni Mudra are extremely easy hence can be easily performed. Here are the steps in details:

  • Put a mat on the floor.
  • Sit on the centre of the mat in any other meditative position that is comfortable to you.
sukhasana or yoga sitting pose
sukhasana or yoga sitting pose

Some of the poses you can sit on during performing the Yoni Mudra are: The Auspicious Pose (Swastikasana), The Easy Pose (Sukhasana) or the most common Lotus Pose (Pasmanasana).

  • In case you have problem with sitting in the floor, sit comfortably in any of the meditative positions on a chair that has an erect backrest.
  • Sit comfortably and relax for a certain while. Keep the spine straight, close your eyes. Keep your fingers relaxed, rest your hands on your knees and some take deep breaths.
  • Bring your palms together doing a namaste making sure that the thumbs point up.
  • Now start to open all the fingers and push them wide apart except the thumbs.
  • For the next step bring the index fingers of both hands together and ensure they point towards the floor. The mudra together will look like a diamond when put together.
  • Fold the remaining fingers inwards, such that they form a posture like shown in snapshot below.
  • The next step is to bring this posture or mudra close to the navel.
  • Keep your eyes closed. Breathe deeply and slowly. Stay in this position and concentrate for at least 5 to 8 minutes at a stretch.
  • Relax for some time.
  • Again, repeat the same process.


yoni mudra asana
yoni mudra asana

The idea of this mudras is to make sure that it represents and looks like the womb of a woman. This posture of the fingers together remains the most important.

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What are the Health Benefits of Performing Yoni Mudra?

Feminine Adi Shakti Primal Power Mudra is the name that is given to the Yoni Mudra. Performing this yoga mudra on a regular basis comes with many health benefits to the person.

Here are some of the health benefits one can notice when they perform this mudra:

  • Helps to get a break: Everyone needs to have a break from the worrisome and ever running and tiring world. Practicing this yoga mudra helps one to get that much needed break from the hustle and bustle of the world. It helps a person to give a pause, detach themselves from the world and meditate.
  • Helps to connect with the mind: Practicing the yoni mudra every day helps a person to increase stability and concentration. This is for the fact that it helps to create a stable and proper connection of the body with the mind of the person.
  • It helps a woman connect to her female energy: Every woman has an energy or a feminine energy within themselves. When a woman practices this yoga mudra, it helps them to connect to that internal energy.
  • Helps in dealing with menopause symptoms: The symptoms that women face when they face menopause can range from mild to severe. During this period women face a lot of hormonal changes. Hence, practicing this mudra every day can help the women rid a lot of relief from the symptoms.
  • Helps in improving fertility of women: Practicing the yoni mudra helps a woman connect to their internal feminine energy. Hence, women suffering from infertility of have less fertility are advised to practice this yoga for a good duration every day. It helps to improve their fertility.
  • This yoga helps to connect with the Earth: The Yoni mudra is said to have certain spiritual values attached to it. When a person practices this yoga, it helps to reconnect with where they originated from, that is, the Earth. It is also believed to help a person get rid of his sins.
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mudra asana yoni mudra
mudra asana yoni mudra

Final Take Away

There is various mudra for health that helps to get rid of various ailments.  One amongst such mudras is the Yoni Mudra that helps one to feel calm and take a break from the regular hustle and bustle of the daily life.

Performing this mudra for at least 20 mins with repetitions of around 8 minutes can do wonders. However, if you have any psychological problems, it is better to not perform this mudra for health.

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