Zenith Nutrition L-Citrulline – 1000mg Capsules Review

In today’s world, everyone is health and fitness enthusiast. All of us want to look good and in shape. Although we are all aware that a good exercise regimen is a necessity to keep our body fit and fine, we somehow overlook the fact that an intense workout must be complemented with a healthy diet plan. A good exercise routine is beneficial for you only if it is combined with proper nutrition, which is one of the most neglected parts of our day to day life.

Due to erratic eating habits, improper food timings and a number of lifestyle changes we are not able to get proper nutrition from our diet. Also excessive use of pesticides, hybrid farming, pollution, etc. affects the quality of the food we eat. A proper diet should include proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and other vital nutrients.

Proteins are all the more necessary for those who are physically more active like sportsmen, body builders, fitness freaks, etc. as they are responsible for growth and development of the body muscles. Proteins are made up of small molecular components called amino acids. There are two type of amino acids; essentials amino acids and non essential amino acids.

There are twenty primary amino acids that are found in proteins; eight of these amino acids cannot be synthesized by human body and are known as essential amino acids. Rest 12 are known as non-essential amino acid and can be synthesized within the human body.


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Zenith L- Cirtulline Capsule Reviews
Zenith L- Cirtulline Capsule Reviews


In recent times, a number of companies are coming up with dietary protein supplements. One of such products that I came across is Zenith Nutrition L-Citrulline 1000mg capsules. These capsules come in a white plastic bottle of two sizes. The smaller one contains 60 capsules and larger has 120 capsules in it. These are vegan capsules so can be consumed by all. Just including two capsules of this product from Zenith Nutrition into your daily diet can make you fitter and stronger.

The main ingredient of these capsules is L-Citrulline. L- Citrulline is a non essential amino acid found in the urea cycle of our body. It is a great cardio vascular supplement and is also effective in enhancing the sports performance.

It gives a boost to your energy levels and strengthens your immune system. L-Citrulline supplementation is useful in detoxifying liver and helps our body to get rid of ammonia as well. It enhances nitric oxide metabolism, which further helps the arteries to relax, improves the blood circulation, and thus facilitates prevention of many diseases.


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Zenith Nutrition L- Citrulline - 100mg Capsule Reviews
Zenith Nutrition L- Citrulline – 100mg Capsule Reviews


It is a safer option for those who suffer with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction as compared to erectile dysfunction drugs like viagra. For those who are showing symptoms of pre-hypertension, this supplement can assist in lowering the blood pressure count. Also it helps people with blood vessel problems such as slow wound healing due to diabetes.

It not only reduces fatigue but also helps your body to recover after intense workout. There are reportedly no side effects of L-citruline. As claimed by the company, 2 capsules a day is sufficient for a normal person or you may consult a physician regarding daily dosage of these capsules.


Zenith Nutrition L-Citrulline Reviews
Zenith Nutrition L-Citrulline Reviews


So this product from zenith nutrition is good for everyone especially for sports persons, heart patients, fitness freaks. However it should be avoided by pregnant women and nursing mothers. In case you are taking any other medication, then you must consult your physician before taking this dietary supplement, as it may affect the way certain drugs work in your body. So include this supplement into your diet, I am sure you will observe noticeable differences in your life.


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