Zenith Nutrition Pine Bark Ext 100mg Capsules Review

Large waist size high blood pressure, aging skin is what everyone have been aware of and would like to control it all. Even if you exercise regularly and control self on eating fatty junk food but there are still a lot of risk you cannot eliminate from your life even if you do everything right.

Zenith Nutrition is offering products which are herbal and provide protection against the unknown factors. Pine Bark Ext Tablets is another from the wonderful series of their product range.


Zenith Nutrition Pine Bark Ext Capsule Review
Zenith Nutrition Pine Bark Ext Capsule Review


What is Pine Bark Extract?

Pine Bark extract is obtained from the inner bark of pine trees. All Pine tree extract contain powerful antioxidants “OligomericProanthocyanidin Compounds (OPC). You have heard the term antioxidants many a times while scrolling through your biology chapters or vaguely remember them in facial creams or health drinks. Before understanding the term Pine Bark Extract and how they help us so miraculously, we would like you to know about free radicles and antioxidants.

Free radicals are generously produced by exposure to ultraviolet exposure, pollution, junk food, lack of exercise and stress. You can do your part by exercising and skipping junk food, but you can’t escape sun, travelling and other factors pertaining to stressful life. Free radicals react with DNA making the cells work poorly, weakening immune system leading to chronic illness. Antioxidants comes in rescue for this situation, where they react with free radicals eliminating their effect on altering DNA.


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Zenith Nutrition Pine Bark Ext Ingredients
Zenith Nutrition Pine Bark Ext Ingredients


You can find antioxidants in their natural form in Wild blueberry, Red kidney beans, Cranberry, Strawberry, Black Plum, Seafood, Spinach, Grapes etc. Antioxidants are proven skin tightening little fairies also helping you get rid of acne and scars.

How Pine Bark Extract antioxidants helps you:

  • It will support healthy blood pressure.
  • Improves blood vessel strength enabling them to deliver blood from a tiny vessel to tissues.
  • It helps good blood circulation to brain, helping it function properly.
  • Improves cardiovascular health and circulation.

Who should be taking it?

People who had an history of strokes, suffering from diabetes, having varicose veins, Smokers, women on contraceptive pills, suffering with arthritis. It is always good to start early rather having faced all the difficulties and then reversing the effects of all the suffering.

Zenith tablets is standardized to 95% OPC in every tablet, making it most effective.

Zenith Pine Bark Extracts helps in following ways:

  • The OPC in the Pine Bark extracts binds with collagen making the arteries stronger and flexible, helping it improve the blood flow.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties help reduce inflammation.
  • It promotes healthy joints for better physical activities.
  • It improves cardiovascular health by promoting healthy blood pressure and circulation.


Zenith Nutrition Pine Bark Ext Capsule
Zenith Nutrition Pine Bark Ext Capsule


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You can take one tablet everyday with meals. They are purely vegetarian herbal tablets with an aim to improve your health without any side effects. Zenith has always believed in delivering products that improves the quality of life.


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