Zenith Nutrition Saw Palmetto 160mg Capsule Review

Saw Palmetto is a plant rather a type of palm tree with sharp saw-like leaf stalks and deep red berries that grow in warm climates of Southern U.S and California. As typical the name sounds and more typical to understand that a plant like that can bear beautiful fruits that are not only tasty but are able to cure ailments in your body.

Back in 18th century when this fruit came into existence it was basically used to cure reproductive and urinary issues including infertility in both males as well as females. But as the times advanced so did the science and it was found that this berry could also be used to cure persistent problems like insomnia, sore throat, cough and indigestion.


Zenith nutrition Saw Palmetto Capsule Review
Zenith nutrition Saw Palmetto Capsule Review


Zenith Nutrition, the world renowned brand for creating natural supplements for the promotion of health has come up with this magical product which lost its importance a few decades back; in the form of capsules. They have combined the power of berries with other nutrients for prostate support. They have introduced vegetarian capsules that can be consumed by anyone while not thinking of the ingredients. Saw palmetto have benefits that just cannot be explained in one go, but let’s go through them briefly.

  • Enlarged prostate can be easily cured with proper consumption of Saw palmetto (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy, BPH). What it does is, It actually shrinks the size of the inner lining of the tubes that carry urine. This in turn reduces the pressure on tubes. BPH symptoms include trouble with urination, weak urination system, not getting a feeling of emptiness even after urination, a continuous pressure felt to rush to urinate but actually its nothing. Saw palmetto can act as a life saver for the patients suffering from BPH.
  • Testosterone levels are associated with libido for both male and female. Low testosterone indicates low libido. Saw palmetto helps gradually increase the testosterone in the body thus increasing body fertility. Low testosterone has adverse effect in both the counterparts as it leads to low sperm count in men and low egg production in women.
  • Dihydrotestosterone and testosterone are two sides of a coin. While high levels of dihydrotestosterone is responsible for hair loss, high testosterone are responsible for hair growth. Saw palmetto helps reduce the presence of high dihydrotestosterone and induce more of testosterone aiding hair growth.
  • Saw palmetto is also seen effectively treating diabetes, migraine, inflammation.


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Zenith nutrition Saw Palmetto Capsule Ingredients
Zenith nutrition Saw Palmetto Capsule Ingredients


Saw Palmetto has to be administered if you have any of the problem. You may not be able to use the same if:

  • You have bleeding disorder or blood clotting (hemophilia).
  • You a weak liver or liver disease.
  • You have a pancreas disorder.

Zenith Nutrition believes in providing the best care to its customer by keeping the products herbal but there are certain precautions to be taken care. As Saw palmetto is a hormone, so it’s not likely to be used if you are pregnant or nursing a baby.


Zenith Nutrition Saw Palmetto 160mg Capsules
Zenith Nutrition Saw Palmetto 160mg Capsules


The packing is available in a small easy to carry size which contains 120 capsules. Considering the high price people often tend to ignore to buy it, but it is taken as just one capsule a day, that means one pack is enough for 4 months, so it sounds pretty reasonable price. Moreover being healthy is priceless but with Zenith products you can easily enjoy the priceless state of body for long.


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