Health Effects of Low Testosterone and How to Deal with It

Last Updated on April 1st, 2023

The health problem is part of life. Any problem with health makes us upset. For men specifically if they have problem that reduces their sex drive; they get depressed. Low Testosterone is something that can affect men on an emotional level.

effects of low testosterone and its remedies
effects of low testosterone and its remedies

Knowing Testosterone

Testosterone is a sex hormone and an anabolic steroid which plays a more vital role in a male body as compared to a female one. It is the hormone which is responsible for the growth of sexual organs, including the testes and prostates. It is also responsible for the growth of other body characteristics like muscle, tissues, body hair, and is the reason behind a healthy sex drive.

Low Testosterone and its Effects

Study and reports in the top international universities have found that the problem of low testosterone is becoming more common these days. And for the good part, men are being open about it. The awareness of the consequences and effects of low testosterone is important.

low testosterone effects and causes
low testosterone effects and causes

Some of them are listed below:

  • Your sex drive begins to disappear. You get less and less flattered by the idea of being physical with someone else.
  • You encounter difficulty in the erection of the penis, and the problem is called as erectile dysfunction.
  • Your body begins to weaken. Energy levels begin to dip without any obvious reason.
  • Your memory begins to falter.
  • You begin to have continuous mood swings, making you unreasonably aggressive or frustrated at times.
  • In some cases, your heart is at risk as well. Lower levels of testosterone increases the chances of death by a heart disease.
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These consequences are in the context of the male sex. The female sex is comparatively less effected by the deficiency. It fails to produce an egg in the ovary if low testosterone is found in the body. The hormone isn’t considered primary for the female body, although it still leaves behind a significant amount of effect.


Causes of Low Testosterone

There are several causes for the lowering of testosterone in the human body. Some of them are mentioned as follows:

  • Injury to the testicles through an external entity.
  • Genetic disorder in the host body.
  • Testicular cancer or treatment of the same.
  • An unhealthy liver, or a kidney disease.
  • A bodily infection or disease.
  • If the person is suffering from HIV/AIDS.
how to increase testosterone naturally
how to increase testosterone naturally

Dealing with Low Testosterone – Health Remedies and Fitness Tips

If you’re facing the aforementioned problems, you need to start acting against the problem. If the problem hasn’t become too severe, some basic health remedies and fitness exercises may do the job for you. Some of the fitness tips are mentioned below:

Getting a good night’s sleep is necessary for a healthy human body. Worldwide research has proven that lack of sleep can gradually reduce the amount of testosterone in the males’ body.

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  • Lose Excess Weight

Having extra weight in your body can also cause the testosterone levels to fall. It is found in studies that men who maintain a normal weight are at a lower risk of developing Hypogonadism (low testosterone).


  • Go for Reduced Sugar

Go easy on the sugar. It is found that high sugar levels in the body contribute in reducing the testosterone levels. Therefore, it is necessary to go for a low sugar diet.


  • Make Exercising a Habit

You must already know that exercising is the best way to stay fit, but in addition to that, exercising also increases the testosterone levels in the body, especially when you need them the most.


Treatment of Low Testosterone

Treatment of low testosterone, also known as testosterone therapy, is the medical way of solving the problem. During the treatment, there are a variety of testosterone injections that are introduced into the male’s body in order to signal it to produce more hormones. There are Different Type of testosterone Injections. Some of these testosterones injections include Testosterone Ethanthate, Testosterone Cypionate, Omnadren, etc.

Testosterone therapy is also done by the replacement of the hormone by supplements. These supplements are available in several forms, which include skin patches, gels, mouth patches, implants, etc.


There is an oral treatment for the problem as well, but doctors around the world suspect that it proves to be rather harmful to the liver. The supplementary method bypasses the liver, thus keeping it unharmed.

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Since we’re now aware of almost all the basic knowledge about the hormone, we can now be alert and careful about it. Testosterone deficiency isn’t a problem that cannot be cured, so if you’re facing any symptoms mentioned previously in the article, please consult a doctor and adopt the remedies.

Follow the best health guide and enjoy peace of mind!


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