Natural Ways To Get White Shining Teeth ; Get Strong Teeth

Last Updated on September 30th, 2020

I have seen my grandma (Nani) with White shining strong teeth at the time she died. And I can’t help wonder whether I’ll be able to keep my teeth that beautiful till the time I reach her age. It’s not just her. There are numerous examples of people who were capable of maintaining a glittery set of strong teeth for whole of their life. You can always go for medical ways for getting white shining teeth but they wont last long as they are cleaned with medical procedures that weakens the gums and roots of teeth at later stages. So we came up with some best natural ways to get white shining teeth which will stay with you for longer period.

white shining teeth with home remedies
white shining teeth with home remedies

A beautiful smile can make anyone fall for you. It can melt anyone’s heart in just few seconds. And to bring that smile on your face, you definitely need a perfect set of teeth. Nobody would like to see pale or brown stained bones peeking out of your mouth while you try to express joy. Oral health and oral hygiene is of utmost importance. You need to take care of your bad mouth smell as well.

Market these days is flooded with so many products guaranteeing shining white teeth in just few days. These products may also fulfill what they guarantee but what about the side effects that they come along with. You may be compromising on the strength of your teeth while using these products. It’s, therefore, better to opt for natural remedies so that you are not left fighting with new problems. Follow the routine and remedies below to get the teeth of your dreams 😉

Don’t Use Too Much Toothpaste:

Never believe what you see in advertisements. The quantity that they drop on their toothbrush for single use is what you can use for a whole week. Even doctors (I mean dentists) also suggest that a pea size quantity is enough to brush your teeth. But if you know the proper way to brushing, I would say even half a pea size quantity is enough.


how to get white shining strong teeth naturally
how to get white shining strong teeth naturally

Baking Powder for White Shining Teeth:

Yes, that’s right – baking powder. Sprinkle little bit of baking powder on one hand and use the index finger of another hand to apply it on your teeth. Massage it well on your teeth. Points to keep in mind while using this tip:

  • Avoid massaging it on your gums as it may loosen the roots of your teeth.
  • Apply it in very small quantity. 1 pinch of baking powder is enough for once.
  • Don’t use it daily. Once in 10 days is enough.
  • Do this before you brush your teeth. Also rinse your mouth well after massaging baking powder on your teeth and wait for few moments before brushing.


Gargle With Salted Lukewarm Water:

To brush twice daily is considered to be one of the good and healthy habits that every child is taught. But the truth is that brushing your teeth twice daily is not as important as gargling twice a day with salted lukewarm water is. At least before going to bed one should never forget this regime. This will not only help in maintaining oral hygiene but will also strengthen your teeth. Gargling removes all the food remains that is stuck in your teeth and hence helps in stopping bacterial formation.

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ways to get white shining teeth
ways to get white shining teeth

Neem Tree Branch / Azadirachta Indica:

Now what is that? Nothing special. It’s scientific name for Neem or Indian Lilac. Almost everyone is aware of the qualities that this herb possesses. In ancient days, people used to clean their mouth using Neem tree branch only.

First they use to chew it so that it get bristled and can be used as toothbrush. You can also do this once a week as this activity is quite time consuming.

Also, be careful and gentle while using the Neem branch as it may cause scratches in your mouth. It works as a disinfectant and make your teeth strong and disease free.


how to keep teeth clean and white
how to keep teeth clean and white

Tooth Powder for Strong Teeth:

Not all the tooth powders are good. I personally hate the brown/red tooth powders. First, they taste really bad. Second, they are really harsh on gums. But, it doesn’t mean all the tooth powders are bad. White tooth powders are good.

I prefer black tooth powder over everything else. Black tooth powders are made from age old recipe of coal and salt. Regular use of black tooth powder will definitely whiten your teeth and the results will be visible within a week.


Watch What You Eat and When You Eat:

Your teeth will always thank you if you will end your every meal with salads. Salads also help in cleansing and refreshing your mouth. Eat calcium rich diet for strong teeth. Limit your sweets consumption and rinse your mouth well after having sweets. Rather avoid having sweets in night. Also lessen your caffeine and alcohol consumption. Too much of caffeine leads to staining, while alcohol is bad for overall health of your teeth. Do not have any thing late night to avoid cavity issues. Eating something sticky and sleeping on that will slowly create oral health issues. Always rinse your mouth after eating anything to get rid of anything stuck in your teeth.

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You may find these tips to be very basic and easy to follow but these will definitely help you in long run. Hope you enjoyed reading and will follow my suggestions to have a bright smile throughout your life.

Thank you for reading! Keep Smiling! 😀

Akanksha Chhaperwal
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