Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Watch Reviews, Features Explained

Last Updated on May 18th, 2021

Samsung Watch

From my point of view this watch is the best thing Samsung has developed so far. Not just the features but making it look trendy and stylish is something I would want to have on my wrist and this smart watch cuts in. Being an android user I always envied the fact that Apple users have such great options of Apple Watches with trending 3 , 4 and 5 series. But now when I look at Samsung Galaxy Active 2 and compare it with Apple Series 5 features and looks, I feel blessed to be an android user.


When we hear about smart watch that helps you in fitness and all, the only image that pops up in my mind is that, sleek silicon coloured watch with rectangular thin dial on a girl’s wrist. Honestly, I gave up the idea of wearing a Smart or fitness watch when I saw that. Not in terms of features but its daily go to go looks. If I am spending dollars on a smart watch I would also do the same for its looks and the way it helps me in my daily activities, like setting a random reminder, tracking my heart rate, tracking my foot steps and also helps me to get notified even without touching my smart phone. Isn’t it great? A watch or to say the smartest watch that does it all for you?


Samsung Galaxy Active 2

On that note, if you are willing to buy Samsung Galaxy Active 2, it will be all worth it. I don’t know if you need to read it further or not but it’s worth the price and also all the features it comes with are all customized on basis of one’s unity of the product.  Though I am still here to help you get a detailed feature list of Samsung galaxy Active 2 in my further paragraphs. And you can always write to us about your queries regarding the watch at any point of time in our comment section.

But before we get started let’s take an insight about the product from our usage.

The critic’s overall review:


Our Rating                                    :         4/5

Critics Review                              :         4/5

Features                                          :         3/5

Battery Backup                             :         5/5

Processor/Chips                            :         5/5

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Display and Performance           :         4/5

Price                                                :         4.5/5

Size                                                  :         44 mm


Current Price:

Stainless Steel Body with 4G    :         35,990/-

Available Colours                         :         Silver, Black and Gold


Aluminium Body without 4G   :         25,990/-

Available Colours                         :         Cloud Silver, Aqua Black, Pink Gold


Stainless Steel Body without 4G:      31,990/-

Available Colours                         :         Silver , Black and Gold


These prices are the current ones present in the official website of Samsung. They can always be available on different shopping sites at more reasonable rate too.

samsung galaxy active 2 features
samsung galaxy active 2 features

Now coming to its features, we will start with its:-

Design and Performance

I have used this watch for couple of weeks now and by that I am pretty sure that this was the watch I was longing for. It is superb. Very sleek design, the display has enough screen space that give you room for clear notifications. I have also enable my smart watch with my android phone for calling and message updates including WhatsApp, Facebook, In shorts (for brief news updates I get all along the day, The Hindu(for the same reasons : getting crisp news from all around the world) and of course Instagram. So, whatever happens I am instantly updated about it even before getting in touch with my phone.

Display of Samsung Galaxy Active 2 is 44 mm in size which is very impressive. I think Samsung have played safe with this watch as this watch has a very smooth and mature look that goes with every attire. Though it does not have the rugged sliding button that Galaxy watch does have but this one even without the sliding features looks too cool to handle.


Lets Check performance of galaxy watch

Speaking about its performance, the watch is very fast, and I have never faced any problem in handing a Samsung gadget. Usually there is a fact that Samsung phones hang a lot but thankfully, the watch isn’t disappointing us so far.

There are many cool features in this smart watch that speaks for itself and makes it worth for the money and the value it has to provide. Which I will be discussing further. If you have ever visited the Samsung Official site, you will see the detailing given for this watch. I was amazed to see that they have very clearly protracted their key features that may tempt people to opt for Samsung Smart Watches almost immediately.

Honestly, when the features pop up, you will be hell bent on comparing it with Apple Product and you will see that you have 4x times more features than what Apple has to offer and in almost 50% less price. Isn’t it great?

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workout features on samsung galaxy active 2
workout features on samsung galaxy active 2

Let’s talk about yet another important feature:-

Display and Battery life

Before getting on this key point in detail, I would request everyone to see a video of Samsung Active 2 on YouTube so that you get a clear glimpse of this smart watch before you read on the rest.

The display of Samsung galaxy active 2 smart watch has been incredible. The screen gives much vibrant look and covers almost everything perfectly.

The dial will show you the analog watch features along with the date and day. They also have an e-sim features so that enables your smart watch with your phones instantly and you can hence connect and use your watch for your daily updates very easily. When you browse through the app section you will find various options popping up and clearly giving you a brief insight about the same. Like for an example, if you want to access the fitness app, it will clearly show you the kind of fitness you are looking for.

Yes! you read it right, there is an option given to the watch users that they can choose the kind of workout they want to do. Like just yesterday I chose a long brisk walking for me instead of the slow jog. So, Samsung Galaxy Active 2 helps you to decide whether your jog will be a brisk walking, slow jogging, running or just standing. After choosing your desired workout they ask you to set a goal for your-self and doing that sets your goal for the day. Easy right?

fitness tracker samsung active 2
fitness tracker samsung active 2

Battery Life Comes at its Best

Samsung Galaxy Active 2 has overcome the flaws most of the fitness cum smart watches have, less battery life or one-day battery life.

Samsung Smart Watch Active 2 has 320 mAh battery which once charged can live up to 2 days i.e. almost 40-48 hours. So far Active 2 is been working the way I have mentioned here for you all. 


Quirky Features

Talking about its other quirky features which is my one of the favorite so far is, you can match this watch with your attire almost every day.

Yes, you just need to scan a QR Code of your attire from the app already present in the Smart Watch and after scanning the attire image, the watch enhances itself to the related texture that matches your outfit perfectly. I tried out a lot many designs that I prefer with my formal dresses and it turned out to be amazing. This feature got me at 5/5. Bang on!

Plus, the available bands for Samsung Watch are also very trendy. I always try new options for my watch. People usually say that watches are good when used it in their original style but my take here is keep experimenting your best things in life so that the craze of wearing the same watch every day does not diminishes. Add a lot of color and character to these little things that captures a huge part of your day.

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great features in active 2
great features in active 2

Other Features Mentioned

Coming to its mix and match features, just like any other smart watch it also has a heart rate sensor that analyses your heart rate, sleeping patterns and number of steps you take in a day. It also helps you track your swimming patterns like the distance covered the time you took to cover that distance with the help of the app. Samsung Galaxy Active 2 watch has more features like it supports, Spotify (a music library), Starva (helps you decide the kind of workout you are looking forward for), Endomondo (tracks your heart rate), my fitness pal (manages your daily fitness in terms of nutrition, fat, proteins and water intake) and many more features that one will need on day one of its use.


Overall, I would just say this watch will be like a best friend who will help you in your daily activities, help you be updated and overall a gadget that will monitor your health 24/7.

If you still have any queries about the watch, we will be happy to assist you and help you answer the question you have. Please do write us about your experience if you are wearing one and also if you are planning to buy one after reading about it.


Thank you!


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