Beautiful and Sexy Jennifer Lawrence, Fitness Secrets, Diet Plan and Beauty Tips

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Jennifer Lawrence, one of the Time’s 100 Most Influential People, is an American actress. She has done a number of movies; Her biggest hit movies are X Men, The Hunger Games film series, Silver Linings Playbook and she has also won an Oscar Award for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook in 2013 for “Best Actress”. She started working on television shows in the early part of her career and she received recognition for the role of a Mystique in the X Men. Some of her most awaited movies are Red Sparrow, Mother and X-men: Dark Phoenix.


jennifer lawrence sexy body and hot pics
jennifer lawrence sexy body and hot pics


Born on 15th August, 1990, actress has got the success at very early age; her net worth is more than $150 million. She is a strong supporter of feminism. She equates feminism to “equality”. She has also been supporting several charitable organizations, and she has also partnered with the United Nations to raise awareness about poverty and hunger. In 2015, she launched her own “The Jennifer Lawrence Foundation”, an initiative which empowers charitable organizations which fulfill the basic needs of children.


jennifer lawrence beauty secrets and mantra
jennifer lawrence beauty secrets and mantra


Jennifer Lawrence has millions of fans worldwide because of her acting and the unmatchable beauty she posses. She has put in some really hard work to get a physique that girls these days dream of.


jennifer lawrence best figure pics
jennifer lawrence best figure pics


Body measurements of the actress are:

Height: 5ft 9 inches (172 cm)

Weight: 62 kg (137 lbs)

Bust Size: 35 (inch)

Waist Size: 26 (inch)

Hips Size: 36 (inch)

Shoe Size: 10.5 (US)

Dress Size: 6(US)


jennifer lawrence figure in swim suit
jennifer lawrence figure in swim suit


Her Diet Routine:

The actress has admitted that she loves junk food. She loves pizza and despite that she has been able to maintain a killer physique.

If there is one person that deserves the credit for the shape and fitness she maintains, it would be her former trainer, Dalton Wong.

They got acquainted when she was playing the role of Mystique in The X Men. Her trainer shares some of her fitness secrets that helped her stay in shape. This he says, he got it done in 3 months!


jennifer lawrence running and exercising tips
jennifer lawrence running and exercising tips


She did weight training, yoga and running. But the most important piece of his workout routine would be the resistance bands. He says that he found only intervals of ten minutes while Jennifer was filming on the sets, still he squeezed in some moves with the resistance bands, which targeted the thighs and legs areas.


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jennifer lawrence hd sexy pics
jennifer lawrence hd sexy pics

Here are some of the tips he shared:

  1. Break down the daily workout routine into smaller exercises throughout the day.

They would start the day with a jog outdoors which lasted between 20 and 30 minutes. It was just to keep her going. Sometimes she needed to let go and get moving since she was playing the role which would get her going.

jennifer lawrence beauty pics
jennifer lawrence beauty pics
  1. Allot at least 15 minutes for a workout

He made Jennifer workout in short spans of high intensity training circuits. He also says that people might not have a good one hour to work out, so he suggests that everyone sets apart some 15 minutes every day.

  1. Relaxing should be included as part of your exercise routine

He said that Jennifer’s training for the day would conclude with Yoga and ‘beditate-ing’ what he called as deep breathing involving the diaphragm, and stretches.

This would just be to increase the resilience and help the body relax so she would be ready for training the next day.

He also explained how exactly one should perform breathing exercises – “Inhale through the nose, make sure that the air fills the lower rib cage and the chest and throat passage. Exhale through the nose until a count of three and maintain the rhythm”.

  1. Use your body weight

Many of the exercises Wong had included in Jennifer’s training- variations of lunges, squats, planks and push-ups, mostly didn’t involve the use of any machines or dumbbells.

beautiful jennifer lawrence fitness mantra
beautiful jennifer lawrence fitness mantra


  1. Snack thoughtfully

Some snacks that Wong said wouldn’t hamper with the training are-

  • Almond milk Almond milk with a scoop of protein powder
  • Hard-boiled eggs – Contains Choline, which improves the functioning of the brain
  • Coconut milk yogurt – Dairy- free source of fiber
  • Dark Chocolate – this doesn’t mess with your metabolism or sugar levels
  • Crudites and hummus- Perfect combination of proteins and veggies
  • Apple slices with walnut butter– Apple keeps you feeling full and Walnuts are rich in Omega 3s


jennifer lawrence beauty pics and tips
jennifer lawrence beauty pics and tips


Ever wondered what she would have done to get the body she has now? Read on to know what she suggests for a perfect fitness routine:

  1. Stay hydrated:

The cure for anything is water, so keeping your body hydrated is very important when it comes to being in shape, both physically and mentally. You have to keep sipping water in small portions throughout the day. According to recent studies, you could save yourself from overeating thereby cutting down on 200 calories by just sipping water.

jennifer lawrence workout and fitness pics
jennifer lawrence workout and fitness pics
  1. Eat small, controlled portions:

Jennifer loves eating Mac and cheese, pizza and fried chicken. Still, she doesn’t eat all of it at once. If you want to control your portions, you have to remember The Rule of Two.

If you’re hungry – Starter + Main course

If you want to lose weight – Starter + another starter

If you have a sweet tooth – Main + share a dessert

If you have a sweet tooth and you want to lose weight – Starter as main+ share a dessert.


  1. Get enough sleep:

Take a power nap if you don’t have enough time. The body needs rest to recharge.


  1. Enjoy the exercise:

Find out one thing that interests you, a sport, the gym or any other form of exercise which doesn’t feel like a task that you need to tick off your to-do list. Enjoy the exercise that you do.


  1. Eat Dark Chocolates:

She ate dark chocolate. Dark chocolate works wonders for people who have a sweet tooth and still want to lose weight.


  1. Work on your posture:

Mind your posture. The way you sit, stand or walk determines the amount of fat that accumulates in your body.


  1. Learn to manage stress:

If you feel stressed out, take a walk, stretch out or meditate. Take deep breaths, involving the diaphragm and make sure that the air fills your lower rib cage.


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hunger games jennifer lawrence pics and fitness
hunger games jennifer lawrence pics and fitness


Her workout routine involves the following activities:

Day 1 – Target Cardio & Upper Body

  • 30 mins of running on treadmill
  • 3 sets of Dumbbell Chest Press
  • 3 sets of Dumbbell Shoulder Press
  • 3 sets of Lat Pulldown
  • 2 sets of Tricep Rope Pulldown
  • 2 sets of Bicep Curl with Barbell

Day 2 – Cardio & HIIT

  • Sprinting for 10 mins (indoors and outdoors)
  • 3 rounds of Circuits
  • 20 mins of Stationary bike
jennifer lawrence sexy figure and pics
jennifer lawrence sexy figure and pics

Day 3 – Target Lower body

  • 30 mins of running on a treadmill
  • Bicycle crunch (2 sets)
  • Lateral Lunge with dumbbell (3 sets)
  • Calf press with Barbell (3 sets)
  • Stability ball with Ab crunch (2 sets)
  • Dumbbell deadlift (3 sets)

Day 4 – Cardio & HIIT

  • Stair Climber (20 mins)
  • 3 rounds of Circuits
  • Sprinting for 10 mins (indoors and outdoors)

Day 5 – Yoga

  • Yoga routine or yoga class of at least 30 mins


She doesn’t go by starving herself to get fit. It all depends on how much you eat and how much effort you are willing to put in, to shed those calories. As she says “I want my body to look fit and strong, not thin and underfed”. So girls, go ahead, eat that cake or chocolate, but remember, Eat in small portions, and work out to shed those calories, and get the body that you always dreamed of.


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