Discover Benefits of Yoga, Meditation & Correct Art of Breathing

Last Updated on December 10th, 2020

Yoga is all about self-healing while Meditation is all about acquiring the state where you connect with your inner soul. Meditation is an art that helps you understand the power of silence and breathing.

Many of us don’t even breathe in the correct way. Isn’t that shocking? But yes, that is the truth. We breathe so fast that we forget to contain that oxygen in our body for long enough to utilize it properly.

poor sleeping habits
poor sleeping habits

This is not the only problem today. Many people breathe through mouth while sleeping which is really wrong and leads to many health problems.

The human species have evolved but we are degrading in our aspects of health and fitness. The main reason being the fast pace life and the regular struggle for the survival.

DID YOU KNOW:-Your wrong breathing pattern is making you unhealthy and degrading your body functions in many different ways. It is screwing up your sleep, digestion and mood. It is posing a problem for your heart, nervous system and brain activity as well.

On the other side, if you breathe in the correct way, you gain many benefits like more energy, more concentration power, lesser mood swings, less fear and anxiety.

deep breathing exercise for healthy body
deep breathing exercise for healthy body

[Note:-We have discussed about the correct breathing postures and practices in the article below. So if you really want to know how you can follow proper breathing exercise then make sure you don’t miss the last sections of the article]

Yoga and Meditation have lots of powerful benefits, if they are done regularly. Meditation helps you in gaining a positive attitude towards the life and you tend to become more focused. You tend to react in the better way to each and every situation if you practice meditation. The decisions that we make in life decides our future and thus correct decision making is really important. Meditation helps in building the decision making skills.

Aastha in meditation and yoga, health and fitness mantra, beauty secrets
Aastha in meditation and yoga, health and fitness mantra, beauty secrets

Yoga is of different types. Some people follow Iyengar yoga, hast yoga or yoga of your hand postures, while some perform power yoga. Yoga as the name suggests helps in keeping your body healthy and fit. It provides flexibility to your body and helps in increasing stamina and immunity.

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Not only this, yoga also helps to cure many health issues naturally. 15 to 30 minutes of daily yoga keeps your heart and brain healthy and fitter.


Breathing the Correct Way

How many of you actually breathe like filling up your lungs completely. “Take a deep breathe”, is what we always listen when we are in a mediation class or yoga class. And there is a reason why they say so in a mediation class. They want you to experience the power of breathing first. When you take a deep breathe, you feel more energetic and powerful. This is because you are now breathing more oxygen and your body is able to function properly with sufficient amount of oxygen available.

Take it this way, consider your body as a machine which requires fuel to work properly. Oxygen and food is the fuel for body. Now our body is very adaptive with situations. So when your body does not get sufficient fuel, it minimizes its function so that whatever is available can be used for the continuous process which are more important like giving oxygen to your heart and brain.

This way your body stops those functions which are not of high priority. This affects you in the long run and thus degrades your body. You skin becomes dull and your body stops growing. You feel more irritated and shallow from inside.

stress and tension are killing your from inside
stress and tension are killing your from inside

So now the Question is when you started to breathe in the wrong fashion. When you were born, you were fine but what happened that changed it?

It is the mental stress, pressure that keeps on building in our life as we grow, responsible for the change in our breathing habits. The pressure to perform in all the domains. The pressure to survive and the stress level that gives you sleepless nights are all the reasons for your wrong breathing habits.

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Now let’s focus more on the ways that ensures, you breathe in the correct way.

Breathe only through Nose

Breathe through your nose and not through your mouth. Very awkward statement this is but yes some people have a wrong habit of breathing in and out through mouth. People usually start inhaling air in and out through mouth when they are very tired like while doing gym time, doing some hard physical activity like running may be. This should be avoided for most of the time.

Nose has a very special purpose and that is to allow only filtered air to go inside your body. Be grateful to your nose and use it for breathing.

take a deep breathe and stay calm
take a deep breathe and stay calm

Take deep breathe (Breathe with the diaphragm)

Let the air go deep in your lungs and all the way in your body. Diaphragm and other breathing muscles are part of your breathing process, so let the air move into it.

Deep breathing allows us to have various advantages like:-

  • It helps your lungs function more smoothly and absorb more oxygen
  • The pressure on the chest and belly is decreased, so now the heart won’t have to work harder.
  • Avoids unnecessary muscle pain in the body.


Carry the oxygen to your lungs and not to your stomach

Many people fill the air in their stomach instead of passing that to the lungs. Due to this very minimal oxygen reaches your lungs. Always practice the correct way of breathing in and out. Practice “anulom vilom” yoga asana and “pranayama yoga” asana for breathing exercise.

breathing exercise for heathy body
breathing exercise for heathy body

Always keep an upright posture because that supports a deeper breathing where the diaphragm get more space to expand. Moreover it gets easier to breathe through nose.


Stay Relaxed and Calm Always

Your breathing speed defines your mood, feelings and physical situation. Always have a relaxed breathing. This helps in keeping your mind calm and focused. The more the breathing muscles will be relaxed, the lesser will be the stress level in your body.

Relaxed breathing, means deep breathing which means more oxygen to your lungs, which further means more energy generated in your body. Take control of your breathing and you can life a better life.

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Silent Breathing & Breathe in a Rhythm

Breathing process is a silent process but sometimes it does not follow this process. Instead it starts to give strain when we breathe while snoring, coughing. Due to this our breathing rhythm breaks and we tend to breathe faster and abnormal way.

When everything is in rhythm, body functions at its best.


breathing techniques to stay healthy and fit
breathing techniques to stay healthy and fit

These easy principles/tips help you optimize your breathing and also gain all the positive effects that comes with it. To incorporate these in your life, make sure you start practicing breathing exercise daily for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Also try to perform 15 minutes of meditation daily, so that you regain the power and energy for a better life.


Thanks for your time and reading. We hope we gave you a healthy breathing this time and no one will take your breath away.

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