Superman Henry Cavill Workout Routine and Fitness Diet Plan

Man of Steel, ‘Henry Cavill’ has wowed all his fans with his hot body and superb impressions as superman. The number of his fans increases because of his toned abs and fitness he follows.

If we talk about his abs then no doubt, he is the one with whom anyone can take inspiration. In this post, we will see more about Henry Cavill workout routine, diet plans, fitness secrets and much more. Let’s get started! Happy Reading!


Henry Cavill Vital Statistics

superman Henry Cavill Workout
superman Henry Cavill Workout

Age: 37 Years (in 2021)

Height: 6ft 1 inches

Weight: 92kg

Waist: 32 inches

Biceps: 18 inches

Shoe Size: 10 inches

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Dark Brown


With an attractive body structure, Cavill has not only impressed his fans through his acting but by his fitness too!

Henry Cavill workout routine consists of cardio and weight workouts. He works very hard every day so as to maintain his body physique and amazing abs.


Henry Cavill Workout Routine and Fitness Plan

Here we have jotted down the workout routine of Henry Cavill that fitness freak persons can check:

  • On Monday, he starts with a chest workout plan (4sets each) in which he covers low cable crossovers with 10-15 reps, dumbbell bench presses with 20 reps, barbell bench presses with 15-20 reps, dumbbell flies with 15 reps and butterfly with 20-25 reps
  • On Tuesday, he does biceps and triceps workout plan in which he covers; barbell curls, hammer curls, dips machines, cable preacher curls and decline EZ bar triceps extensions of 4 sets each and around 15-20 reps.
  • On Wednesday, he does a shoulder workout plan in which he covers kettlebell presses, arnold dumbbell presses, barbell rear delts rows and clean and jerks of 5 sets.
  • Legs workout plan he does on Thursday in which he covers standing weight calf raises, hack squats, leg presses and squats.
  • On Friday he does a back workout plan which includes inverted rows, back extensions, barbell deadlifts and bent over arm long bar rows.
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He rests a lot and sleeps for 9-10 hours so that he can recuperate his body from hard workouts that he does.


Henry Cavill Workout Routine
Henry Cavill Workout Routine

Henry Cavill Diet Plan

If you wish to build muscles then you need to consume more calories than you are burning. Cavill was eating over 5000 calories in a day when he was preparing for a superman role.

During his weight gaining phase, Cavill kept the intake of calories high and ate calorie-rich foods such as steak, eggs, heavy cream, fruit, yogurt, chicken etc.

While working with Twilight, he took some supplements too like multivitamin, fish oil, probiotics, magnesium.

In his breakfast he consumes 5 egg whites along with 2 yolks each day. Oatmeal healthy protein shake is must in his meal

In snacks, he loves to have cottage cheese (half cup), 56g protein powder, 3 spoons barley, 1 1/5 oz of sunflower seeds

In his lunch, he prefers chicken curry with apple as well as jasmine rice. One thing he never forgets to take in post workout snack is protein shakes that he consumes throughout the day.

In dinner he chomps biston steak with brown rice pasta. It is low in calories and provides him a source of creatine.

Post dinner he consumes another protein shake and he loves to enjoy pizza on the cheat day.


Superman Henry Cavill fitness secrets
Superman Henry Cavill fitness secrets

How can I Get Started on the Henry Cavill Workout Routine?

If you are the one who is not doing exercise on a regular basis then it’s better to first start with base fitness rather than directly jumping into the advanced fitness program.

However, on the other hand if you are fit already, then go for functional exercises such as kettlebell swings.

Is the Henry Cavill Workout Routine Realistic?

Getting a fit body is not impossible! By training yourself regularly and eating a healthy diet one can improve their current fitness level just like Harry Calvin.

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It’s possible to achieve same fitness level as Henry Cavill, however its vital to remember that you need to invest your much energy and do hard work. Since you will not become like Henry Cavill overnight.

In general, it takes around 8 weeks to observe changes in the body. Did you know Cavill did hard work for hours every day minimum 6 months to prepare himself for “Man of Steel”? So, if you also want to become fit like him; you need to train yourself hard.


Henry Cavill Supplements Diet

Below given are some supplements that Cavill takes on a daily basis.

  • MuscleTech Grass Fed 100% Whey Protein: Henry Cavill consumes this with breakfast and this whey protein shake has 20 grams of protein.
  • Maltodextrin: It helps in replenishing glycogen stores and helps in preventing muscle loss.
  • Multivitamin: If you observe his diet, he consumes a lot of food. At times, when you follow a special diet, food may become quite repetitive. So, he takes multivitamins for filling any gaps in the nutrition program.
  • Probiotics: They are important for body as they help in proper food digestion. And Henry takes too many calories so he needs probiotics to help with digestion.
  • The Omegas: He took Udo oil as it helps in healing inflammation issues and are associated with ample health benefits.


Superman Henry Cavill Workout Routine
Superman Henry Cavill Workout Routine

Superman Henry Cavill Fitness Secrets

Are you eager to know about Henry Cavill’s fitness secrets? Desire to achieve a body like him! Here we have jotted down few fitness secrets of Henry Cavill workout routine that one can check:

  • He never skips the routine of his exercise and includes barbell Bulgarian split squat, pull ups, kettlebell training, burpees, gymnastics in his training.
  • Henry tarts his day with a protein intake and prefers scrambled eggs and ends the day with a healthy protein shake
  • He does cheat but only one meal in a week
  • He integrates cardio more into his workouts and especially if any of his forthcoming project involves topless scenes
  • Henry takes Muscle building supplements and a multivitamin every day.
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Final Insights

Hope you have enjoyed reading this guide and it helped you in knowing more about the Superman Henry Cavill workout routine.

You can become fit like Henry Cavill if you follow his workouts and diet plans. If you don’t want to visit gym then there are many strength training exercises that one can do in their homes by using resistance bands or their own body weight.

Before each strength training workout, take minimum 10 minutes to warm up. There’s no doubt in saying that Henry Cavill is one of the smartest and fittest actors in Hollywood.

Henry Cavill workout routine as well as diet has enthused many of us. No doubt, it takes some time to get a perfect body and to lose those inches of extra fat, but Henry Cavill has proved that nothing is impossible if we work hard.

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