Arjun Rampal Body, Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Last Updated on December 24th, 2020

Known as Bollywood’s Greek God, Arjun Rampal is a well-known actor, model, and producer. Born on 26 November 1972, Arjun Rampal started his career in Bollywood as an actor with his debut movie as Pyar Ishq Aur Mohabbat in which he completely stole the show. His masculine looks, suave personality and perfect abs could make many women weak-kneed. The actor also worked as a ramp model and became the showstopper for many designers and brands.


Dashing Arjun Rampal
Dashing Arjun Rampal


Unlike other actors, Arjun showcased his chiseled body and mind-blowing fitness from the very first day of his career. His role in Moksha was critically acclaimed and his sexy shirtless avatar with showing outstanding abs in the song Jaanleva literally killed it. From the early years of his career till today, the actor is having a perfect physique. He is enjoying awesome fitness even post 40th birthday. According to Arjun, he solely depends on workout and diet for his envious body.


So, before we jump into Arjun’s workout regime and his balanced diet plan, let’s take a glance at Arjun Rampal’s body statistics quickly.


Arjun Rampal Body
Arjun Rampal Body

Arjun Rampal Body Statistics:


Height: 6’1” or 185 cm


Weight: 83 kg or 183 lbs


Chest: 43 inches


Waist: 34 inches


Biceps: 15 inches



God gifted height, with a hard worked body in gym has given Arjun the stats that every guy envies.

Having look at his body stats I can’t wait to see what exactly Arjun did to achieve this?

So, what are the secret of Arun Rampal’s great body and fitness even at this age? An old-school workout routine and properly planned diet is the key to the fitness of this macho actor. Come explore Arjun’s workout routine in detail.


Arjun Rampal Workout Routine
Arjun Rampal Workout Routine

Arun Rampal Workout Routine:


The dashing actor believes in working out at the gym regularly. He works out 5 days a week so as to stay fit and in shape. His usual day at gym starts with walking and running on a treadmill as a warmup activity. Then he spends time on different workouts with or without machines. For strength building, he works with external weight as well as body weight.

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Arjun does not repeat workout every day. Every single day he challenges himself with a new challenge, new routine. The actor loves to explore new workout every day. He does a different type of cardio exercises freehand, walking, running, cycling or cross-bars to keep the heart rate up. He performs stretches pre and post workout so that his muscles become relaxed. This activity is to avoid muscle injuries and pain after such a tough workout.


Arjun Rampal Gym Schedule:


Day 1 :

Chest: Incline Bench Cable Fly, Incline Dumbbell Press, Seated Machine Chest Press and Flat Bench Dumbbell Press

Shoulders: Smith Machine Upright Row, Arnold Dumbbell Press, Cable Front Raise and Upright Cable Row


Arjun Rampal in Gym
Arjun Rampal in Gym


Day 2:


Biceps: Preacher Hammer Dumbbell Curl, Standing Biceps Cable Curl, Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row and Seated Machine Curl

Triceps: Weighted Parallel-Bar Dip, Seated Overhead Dumbbell Extension and Close-Grip Bench Press


Day 3:


Abs: Swiss Ball Rollout, Bicycle Crunch, Flutter Kick, Ab Wheel Rollout, Barbell Russian Twist and Front Squats

Wings: Deadlift, One Arm Cable Row, Pull Ups and Seated Cable Row


Arjun Rampal Gym Workout
Arjun Rampal Gym Workout


Day 4:

Legs: Hip Thrust, Hack Squat Sled, Romanian Deadlift,  Barbell Back Squat and Leg Press

Calf: Standing Calf Raise, Seated Calf Raise, Calf Stretch Hands Against Wall,  Box Jumps and Dumbbell Jump Squats


Day 5:

Back: Single-Arm Dumbbell Row, Reverse-Grip Smith Machine Row, Standing T-Bar Row, Wide-Grip Pull-Up, Close-Grip Pull-Down and Wide-Grip Seated Cable Row


Arjun Rampal Exercise
Arjun Rampal Exercise


Arjun, even works out on weekends but not in the gym. He loves to depend on alternatives like swimming, cycling, jogging to get fresh air. Arjun performs many reps for each single workout which leave a great effect on his physique. He follows an optimized workout plan for building muscles, cardio, stretching and strength building to own that perfect shape. But he does it according to his fitness level and strength.

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According to Arjun, challenging yourself with workout does not mean you have to overdo it. This will make you safe from the unnecessary injuries and illness.


Any workout regime is not enough to pump up the body, untill it is followed by a perfect balanced diet. And so is Arjun’s diet prepared by his nutritionist. So, let’s checkout his diet plan next.



Arjun Rampal Diet Plan:


Rampal is quite a food lover and does not believe in less eating or restricting himself on eating anything. Hailing from a Punjabi family, Rampal loves to eat Indian home-cooked food and never indulge himself in any crash or strict diet.

According to the actor, it is not important to check how much you are eating, but it is important to keep eye on what you are eating and when.

Arjun eats 5 meals a day and he makes sure whatever he is eating is healthy. He includes lots of veggies and fruits in his diet. He also drinks a lot of water to keep himself hydrated all day long.

Moreover, he laid a lot of emphasis on eating natural sources of protein to fulfill protein requirement of body. According to Arjun, these natural sources have high quality protein and consuming these reduces one’s dependency on artificial protein.

Let’s check out what he eats for a day.


Arjun Rampal Eating Plan:


On any usual day, when Arjun is free from shooting and other work, he has a fixed meal plan explained below.


Breakfast: This important meal of the day starts heavy. He eats oatmeal, whole wheat sandwich, and a protein shake.


Mid-morning snack – A bowl of fruit salad and post workout smoothie


Lunch – Chapati, Salad, Pulses, Beans, chicken or fish


Afternoon snackGreen tea with some nuts


Dinner – Following the ancient wisdom, Arjun eats dinner very light. Just a bowl of salad. He tries to finish his dinner before 9 pm.

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Arjun Rampal Fitness


Arjun Rampal leads a much disciplined life and follows every ritual of eating and working out to be in shape. He includes all the good things in his diet every day. To keep himself going he prefers black coffee and black chocolate.


If you want to have fitness level like that of Arun Rampal, start following him and be the next Arjun.


To know more about Arjun you may follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well.


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