Taapsee Pannu Workout Routine, Diet Plan & Beauty Secrets

Last Updated on December 21st, 2020

The 32 year old actor is not just known for the entertainment factor, but also for being a fitness freak. She owes her fit body and beautiful skin to her lifestyle that she swears by. Taapsee Pannu workout routine, diet plan & Beauty secrets are some of the factors that make her one of the most glamorous actress in the film industry. She takes care of her body well and makes sure she never misses the workout and beauty regime for maintaining that bikini body and amazing glowing look.

sexy taapsee Pannu diet plan
sexy taapsee Pannu diet plan

Taapsee Pannu, born on 1st August, 1987, has become a household name after giving stellar performances in movies like Thappad, Mission Mangal, Mulk, Badla, and Pink. Taapsee, a software engineer turned model and actress is famous for her contribution to Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam cinema. 

So, here is everything you need to know about the routine that Taapsee follows to get her glam quotient high! Read on.


Taapsee Pannu Vital Body Stats (Figure Measurements)

taapsee Pannu workout and bikini body
taapsee Pannu workout and bikini body

Height: 165 cm (5 feet 4 inches)

Weight: 55 kg

Chest size: 34 inches

Bra size: 34 B

Waist size: 27 inches

Hip size: 36 inches

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Dark Brown


Taapsee has an hourglass figure, which she maintains brilliantly with a balanced and healthy lifestyle, that anyone can follow. So, now that you are impressed with her perfect vitals and a toned body, read on to find out the secret to this successful journey.


Taapsee Pannu Workout Routine

taapsee Pannu workout gym
taapsee Pannu workout gym

Actress Taapsee is self-admittedly a fitness freak. She follows a balanced diet, regular workout and organic nutrition to cater to her body’s needs.

So, what does Taapsee pannu workout routine look like?

The gorgeous actor recommends everyone to pick a sport and play it every single day, in order to engage both your body and mind. In her case, Taapsee fondly plays squash every day for at least 30 minutes. This, she believes, helps her to build her core, stay fit, build stamina, get a stronger spine and neck, and also relax her mind.

Taapsee also workouts out extensively in the gym. She follows an exhaustive cardio workout routine, along with strength building exercises to stay in shape.

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Cardio exercises may include burpees, jumping jacks, squats, running, and playing sports. The actor is also well known for her love for yoga, that helps her stay fit, build her core strength and become stronger, mentally.


sexy taapsee Pannu workout and yoga
sexy taapsee Pannu workout and yoga

Taapsee Pannu Diet Plan

Taapsee is able to maintain her figure, not just with extensive workout routines, but also with her dietary habits. She strictly recommends avoiding any junk or packaged food. She believes that by following a healthy diet, one can easily get into shape.

taapsee Pannu diet secrets
taapsee Pannu diet secrets

The gorgeous woman begins her day with lukewarm water and nuts, followed be celery juice or green tea to get her started.

Taapsee ensures that she is eating food items that are easier to digest. Therefore, she avoids eating wheat as well as gluten. She, instead prefers rice, that is easier to digest.

She also replaces her daily routine items with healthier alternatives. For instance, she prefers to drink almond milk over natural milk. Almond milk comes with fewer calories and higher protein compared to ordinary milk, and therefore, is a healthy option!

Her intensive diet routine includes eggs with veggies. She also ensures that she has a balanced diet in the form of dal, roti and sabzi as her dinner. She completes her dinner by 8 PM to give her body time to digest her food.

The ‘Pink’ actor also ensures that she is avoiding both, alcohol and tobacco in any form. Alcohol may disrupt your sleeping pattern, slow down the process of muscle recovery, and ruin your diet. Tobacco also leads to health related complications. Therefore, it is important to let go off any harmful habits, for the sake of your fitness and health.


Taapsee Pannu Fitness And Beauty Secrets
Taapsee Pannu Fitness And Beauty Secrets

Taapsee Pannu Fitness Tips

Actress Taapsee also admits to drinking a lot of water to keep herself hydrated. This, she believes (and we can’t agree more), takes ample care of your fitness as well as skin. It is extremely crucial to drink the right volume of water every day to keep yourself healthy. She also ensures the intake of coconut water as part of her pre workout routine.

Taapsee also avoids protein shakes and supplements. She instead munches on dry fruit or nut bars.

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It is important to find a diet that suits your requirements, while providing you with the right nutrition and the appropriate number of calories. So, follow these tips and make your own diet plan to get into your desired shape.

In the next section, we’d like to talk more about Taapsee’s beauty secrets. While workout and diet plan are an important part in giving right nutrition to your skin, there are many more secrets for that glow. Let’s dig in and find out!


Taapsee Pannu Beauty Secrets Revealed

taapsee Pannu workout and beauty tips
taapsee Pannu workout and beauty tips

Before making her career into cinema, Taapsee tried her luck at a beauty pageant. She was given the title of ‘Femina Miss Fresh Face’ as well as ‘Femina Miss Beautiful Skin’.

Yes, that’s right. Taapsee has always been popular for her flawless skin and glowing face, that everyone has come to adore now. So, what’s the secret behind this healthy glow?

The beautiful actor makes use of natural and organic products, and believes in simplicity and minimalism. Her skincare routine broadly includes cleansing, moisturizing and hydrating. She is fond of natural face packs and includes tomatoes and aloe vera as part of her everyday skincare routine.

taapsee Pannu beauty secrets
taapsee Pannu beauty secrets

Taapsee also uses barely there to no makeup for her casual looks. She is usually seen wearing only mascara, lipstick and kajal with keeping the rest of the makeup completely toned down. This allows her skin to breathe well, whenever she is not shooting.

Taapsee also swears by natural remedies for a glowing skin including malai, yogurt and besan, tomatoes, and aloe vera. She also washes her face and moisturizes it twice or thrice a day to keep it fresh and hydrated.

She also recommends following a healthy sleeping pattern in order to radiate from within.

Like every girl, she also understands the importance of taking off every patch of makeup from her face before going to bed.

Taapsee is also very popular for flaunting her natural silky curls. She oils her hair well at night, and washes it off thoroughly with shampoo and then uses conditioner to maintain her beautiful curls. She also uses anti-frizz serums to lock in moisture in her hair. Taapsee also admits to pampering her hair with hair oil concoctions as well as a monthly hair spa.

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Taapsee owes her beautiful skin to not just her genetics, but her healthy lifestyle including her diet, workout for releasing toxins, and an organic approach toward her daily beauty routine.


sexy taapsee Pannu workout routine
sexy taapsee Pannu workout routine

Are You Ready?

With all secrets revealed, you are absolutely ready for a perfectly toned body just like Taapsee. As the actor believes, there is no shortcut to losing weight. Instead of running after a perfect body type, it is important to take care of your body, embrace it and keep it healthy. You must detoxify your body and ensure eating small portions of food in every few hours.

You need to accept a healthy lifestyle to become healthier, with glowing skin. This includes a balanced diet as well as a workout routine that can keep you fit, both physically and mentally. Before we wrap up the article, here’s a pro tip from the actor herself – do include a cheat meal every week to pamper yourself (though you should keep it limited). Love that, don’t you? So, get started with the right workout and diet routine to get toned muscles, a healthier shape and become a better version of yourself.

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